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Australia is one of the best attractive destination for international students. Australia has third highest international students in the world, behind USA and UK. There are more than 1100 academic institutions, and more than 2000 courses. In the world rank of university seven university of Australia came before 100 top university in the world. Some of the main reason that, why study in Australia are given below.

1.       University and Courses

There are more than 40 universities and more than 1000 academic institutions. Among them most of the university are world recognized and high ranked in world. Out of 43 universities 5 university are placed in world ranked university under top 50. In these universities there are many programs for bachelor, master and PHD. All most course in the world are taught in these university so, You have many options to choose course and programs. These universities have strong research and development capabilities. Australian universities are some of the best research intensive universities in the world. You will have opportunities to use research resource, and opportunity to explore the advance technology. Degree from these university are globally recognized.

2.       Work Permit While Studying

Australian university and Australian governments allow all the international students to work while studying. International students have permit to work up to 40 hours per fortnight. This may help these student who has poor financial condition and want to study. And also it may made a person self-dependent. Allowing students to work may increase the experiences which help them to find job easily after graduation. And students have opportunity to explore the international business and market. During work in Australian company they have opportunity to familiar with Australian language and culture. Work permit in Australia is one of the main reason, why study in Australia.

3.       Quality And Facilities

Australia is one of the most reputed country for adoption new technology in the faster rate than other nations. Australia has one of the highest rate internet access in the world. Teaching facilities , training and research facilities , laboratories and class rooms quality and technology in Australia are world class.  In Australia the facilities and quality of education for national and international students are same. There is practical based learning , you may have opportunity to study, learn and understand with experiment, university of other country may not provide such facilities for international students.

4.       Scholarship

Australia is the most popular and attractive destination for international students , because Australian governments , Australian universities, and other many organizations are there to offers scholarship programs and grants for international students. They want to make their country , the most attractive destination for study and create a history as the educated home of world.  It does not mean everyone who goes Australia get scholarship. They provide scholarship determining your qualification, talent and financial conditions.

5.       Affordable Cost

Study abroad in Australia is most affordable as compare with United State of America , United Kingdom and many others European countries. Students have opportunities to gain quality education in affordable cost. The cost for bachelor degree program may approximately $20000 to 30000 per year, depends upon faculty and course. The study expenses of science, technology and engineering is greater than the study cost of business, management, arts, education and humanities. And living cost also may cheaper in Australia than UK , America and many other European nations. Job while studying is allowed in Australia which make them easy to maintain their financial condition.

6.       Job Opportunities

Australia is one of the most famous country to who provide the job to students graduated not only form Australia but also from many other European countries. And Australia attract the people because of more facilities and golden opportunities. Work permit after graduation  in Australia for international students is very easy. The certificate from Australia university is globally recognized so you will have opportunity to do work wherever you like. Education of Australian university is practical based so every company want to hire you.

7.       language

The main communication language of Australia is English. English language is international language. While studying or working there may not any communication problem. Before apply Australia you should pass IELTS exam or test getting excellent score. To apply Australia you should have better English language proficiency. So language is the main reason why study in Australia.

8.       Visa

Apply students visa as international students for Australia is very easy. In this country there is more possibilities to accepted your visa request. If your diploma performance is better , have gain excellent score in IELTS exam , have excellent language proficiency, and have certificate of property valuation , its sure your visa will accepted. After visiting Australia you should complete one year language course then you can continue your study.

9.       Environment And Culture

Australia is one of the best country to study. There is learning environment and perfect culture. You have to opportunity to explore the new culture and be familiar with unique and different environment.

10.   Personal growth

Study in Australia make you forward and your mind broad. You have opportunity to communicate with other many international students , and you may increase your language proficiency. After being familiar with international culture , environment and international friends your vision to world may change. You may learn about the international market and business. You will have business ideas for better performance. You will gain more experiences while studying in Australia.
These are the main reason of why study in Australia. For more information about VISA processing, application procedure, documentation, course and cost, universities and everything else you want to learn please do not hesitate to contact us.

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