Study In South Korea -How to Apply, University , Course And Cost

Complete information about application procedure, VISA processing, Requirements, popular and affordable universities and cost estimation to study in South Korea.

South Korea

South Korea is an east Asian nation . Its official name is republic of Korea . It is surrounded by world’s three superpower country Russia, China and Japan.  South Korea is small county but also it is wonderful . This is the country with high economy and advance in modern technology .  We all know that the company of Samsung galaxy is located on south Korea . The microchips of iphone is also made by Korean company. South Korea is the leader of world on internet connectivity . There is world’s fastest average internet connection speed with the speed of approximately 34 MBps. It is one of the most safest and peaceful country in the world. Korean people live high life style, they spent more money on cosmetics and plastic surgery.  Drinking alcohol in public in Korea is legal . They want to expose their relationship in public so there is holding hands or kissing in public is normal.
South Korea is one of the most popular destination for international students. Study in South Korea is life time opportunity  and also opportunity to explore the beauty and vibrant of country of nature. There are more than 40 national universities and more than 180 privet universities.  There are approximately more than 80 thousands international students from more than 170 countries. Korean language is national language of this country but in graduate level  there are many university they taught in English language targeting international students.

Advantage of study in South Korea

-Quality education on very affordable cost.
-World wise recognized certificate.
-World Best ranked universities and academic institutions.
-Easy visa application process and high success rate.
-Safest , peaceful and learning environment for students.
-Opportunity to explore the vibrant of culture.
-Opportunity to explore the  vibrant of beauty of nature.
-After graduation there are  broad direction for bright future.
-After graduation for South Korea open the door  of employment opportunities.
-English language is main language for studying .
-There are many scholarship program for international students provided by South Korean government.
-Opportunity to get internship on South Korean international companies.
-Opportunity for personal growth .
-Opportunity to study culture , language and society simultaneously.

Top course to study in South Korea

Engineering and Technology:

Civil Engineering , Computer Engineering , software Engineering, architecture Engineering, Engineering mechanical Engineering, computer science, information technology etc.


 Creative Industries Management, Events Management, Executive Programs, General Management, Global Management, Information Management, International Management, Leadership, Luxury Management, Management Control, Management Research, Management Science, Organizational Management, Procurement Management, Project Management, Public Management, Quality Management, Retail Management, Safety Management, Supply Chain Management, Transportation Management etc.

 Humanities and Social Sciences :

 Anthropology, Archaeology, Area Studies, Classical Studies, Counseling, Creative Writing, Criminology, Cultural Studies ,Development Studies, Education, Ethics, Forensic Science, History, International Relations Journalism, Linguistics, Literature, Multimedia, Philosophy, Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE),Political Science, Politics,  Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Theology, Translation etc.


Agricultural Science, Animal Sciences, Biodiversity, Bioinformatics, Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Food Science, Genetics, Molecular Sciences, Neuroscience, Nursing etc.

-Business Studies: Agribusiness, Business, Business Administration, Business Intelligence, Business Management, Commerce, Consultancy, e-Business, e-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Family Business, Innovation, International Business, International Trade, Investment, Real Estate, Sales, Strategy etc.


Applied Arts, Architecture, Arts Studies, Design, Performing Arts, Visual Arts etc.
– Natural Science: Agriculture, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Chemistry, Ecology, Environmental Science, Geography, Mathematics, Measurement Science, Physics, Spectroscopy etc.

Top University In South Korea:

-Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
-Pohang University of Science and Technology (Postech)
-Sungkyunkwan University
-Korea National Open University (KNOU)
-Yonsei University
-Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
-Hanyang University
-Kyung Hee Cyber University
-Chung-Ang University
-Ewha Womans University
-Pusan National University
-Sejong University
-Sogang University
-University of Ulsan
-Ajou University
-Chonbuk National University
-Chonnam National University
-Inha University
-Konkuk University
-Kyungpook National University
-Yeungnam University
-Chungnam National University

Cost Estimation to study in South Korea

Study cost is differ on university to university. Privet university are more expensive than public and national university.

Cost In Privet University:

 The range of fee expanses in privet university is from £2500 to £4500 per semester for undergraduate degree and £3000 to £5000 per semester for graduated degree. The study expenses is differ from faculty to faculty . Cost for science technology and engineering is more than business , management , humanity and arts .


Cost In Public University:

 But in national university the range of cost for undergraduate degree is approximately £1500 to £3000 and for graduate degree the cost may approximately £2000 to £3500 per semester. There may also differ fee expanses from faculty to faculty .The cost of studying humanities , business, management , economics and arts is less than the cost of study science , technology and engineering.

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