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Complete information about application procedure, VISA processing, Requirements, popular and affordable universities and cost estimation to study in Russia.


Russia is the largest country in the world . It is located in the eastern Europe and northern Asia . And its border is with 16 countries.  This country is famous for visiting as well as  studying . Nowadays all most students have dreams to go Russia for abroad study. Russia is the most attractive destination for international students . In Russian university more than 200000 students from more than 160 country come to study . And Russia has the mast educated population in the world. More than half of population of Russia have higher education qualification.  In Russian university student can gain fundamental knowledge in related subject or course. Russia is recognized as the world leader in training of mathematicians, physicists, chemists, geologists, engineers, programmers, physicians, and specialists. In Russia there are more than 885 universities . In these universities self-funded education is very cheaper than other European university. Every year thousands of students attempt many entrance exam for studying engineering and doctor . Russian education system is very flexible , very easy and cheap also. There are many facilities for international students in Russia . For international Russian government help 50 percentage of financial support , this is the most attractive point for international students.

Advantage Of Study In Russia

  • High facilities universities.
  • Opportunity to study with the financial support of government.
  • Scholarship and grant  program for international students.
  • World-wise recognized universities.
  • Experienced and skill full lectures.
  • Student centered and learning environment.
  • Comfortable accommodation  on university.
  • Affordable living and studying cost.
  • You may have great experience of international students training .
  • You may have opportunity to participant on many  international program accredited by globally recognize boards.
  • You will have opportunity to work with international student and research team.
  • You will have experience of working in abroad with international friends.
  • Opportunities to communicates with many international language and culture.
  • Opportunities to increase relation with international people.
  • Personal and professional growth.

Popular courses to study in Russia  :

  • Engineering and design.
  • Computer science and information technology .
  • Economics and management.
  • International management.
  • Architectural Engineering .
  • Organic and Bioorganic chemistry.
  • Food of animal origin.
  • English language and literature.
  • Environment protection and environment management.
  • Political science and world politics.
  • Sociology and social information.
  • Construction.

Top University In Russia

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Saint-Petersburg State University
  • Novosibirsk State University
  • Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  • Moscow State Institute of International Relations
  • Tomsk State University
  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  • National Research Nuclear University
  • St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
  • National Research University – Higher School of Economics

How to apply for study in Russia :

If you are planning to study abroad in Russia you have to decide which subject you are planning to study and in which university. Then you should learn about term and condition of that university and tuition fee and other fee.  And you have to know about scholarship  program, if there is scholarship program then you may apply. After knowing college  if you happy you can submit the online form through online with necessary documents. Then you have to attempt and pass the entrance exam taken by Russian university. If you have passed the exam and selected then you may apply for visa.

Documents Required:

  • Certificate of  your  diploma  level.
  • Certificate to verify your qualification.
  • Certificate of property valuation.
  • Medical report to prove that you are physically and mentally healthy.
  • Certificate of language proficiency.
  • Police report certificate to verify that you have not involve in any crime before.
  • Original copy of valid passport.
  • Original Photocopy of citizenship.
  • Two recent passport-size photos.



Cost estimation to study in Russia

Normally tuition fee on Russian universities comes around 1100 USD to 1500 USD per year. But fee for  doctor course may come around 3000 USD to 3500 USD per year.Living cost come around 200 USD per month and fooding cost is around 175 USD per month.
This fee is almost affordable for international students .
This is the basic information for international students who wants to study in Russia as international students. for more information about university, course, cost estimation, application procedure, VISA information, documentation please do not hesitate to contact us.

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