Study In New Zealand – VISA Procedure, University and Cost Estimation

New Zealand

New Zealand is a unique, small, Iceland and beautiful country, located on the pacific ocean. No other country near by this country. It is one of the world’s best places to live and study. The nearest nation is Australia from New Zealand. So students can enjoy the comfortable life style with various opportunity. New Zealand is rich in various culture and language . This is small country but it has great connection to rest of the world. There are so many beautiful river, lakes , mountains so it become most attractive destination for the international tourist.

Despite New Zealand is isolated country, it has great connection with rest of the world with the help of fast internet connection and frequent international flight.

This country is rich in natural beauty, geographical diversity, mix of various culture diversity and become adventurous spirit. Many tourist from all around the world encounter the world to observe the heaven beauty. Coromandel Peninsula, Abel Tasman National park, Sky Tower, Napier Art Deco, Kaikoura, Franz Josef Glacier, Rotorua, Bay of Islands are some of the most tourist attracting destination of New Zealand.

Study In New Zealand

New Zealand is the one of the most attractive and regarded destination for international student. Educational system and educational institutions of New Zealand are globally recognized and globally regarded. Education system of New Zealand is based on prestigious British. Students who want to go to New Zealand for study they will have many opportunity to learn various language and culture as well as may built practical knowledge and skill need in their future career.There are dedicated or specific university and institution for international students. In these universities there are special facilities for internship and practical so students can develop their knowledge and can be self dependent. These university has linked to world must famous companies so student will have opportunity to observe these companies while studying . The most famous course in New Zealand is management, business management, computer science, marketing , art , information technology etc. If you want to study in New Zealand as international student then choose best and famous university or institution for your bright future.

Why Study in New Zealand

If you decide to study in New Zealand, it is great decision. There are many advantage of studying in New Zealand. Study in New Zealand is very beneficial to international students because of the following reason.

  • Loving people and diverse culture of New Zealand.
  • Preferable weather and climate.
  • World recognized and globally regarded universities and education system.
  • Work permission or work opportunity while studying.
  • Ease of VISA acquisition and permanent residency.
  • Affordable living and studying cost.

University in New Zealand

It is small country but it has several types of educational academic institutions, college and universities. There are only eight universities but all the universities offers the high quality education and globally regarded. To attract more international students, every universities have international student section. These university provide the vibrant opportunities to international students to study all filed of courses in undergraduate or post graduate level. These universities not only provide the formal educational course but also provide specific skill development courses. All universities of New Zealand are listed here.

  • University of Auckland
  • University of Otago
  • University of Canterbury
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • University of Waikato
  • Lincoln university
  • Massey University
  • Auckland University of Technology

How To Apply for Study in New Zealand

  • Online: if you want to save money and time then find the website of  university that you have choose and fill the online form with necessary documents.
  • Go through consultancy : If you don’t know how to apply online then find the related consultancy and submit your all documents and pay them, they will help you.

Documents Required To Study in New Zealand

  • Certificate to verify that you complete you previous study level.
  • Certificate to verify your qualification.
  • Certificate of property valuation.
  • Medical report to prove that you are physically and mentally healthy.
  • Insurance and health.
  • Certificate of language proficiency.
  • Police report certificate to verify that you have not involve in any crime before.
  • Original copy of valid passport.

Probable cause of rejection

  • Low % in secondary level or previous level study.
  • Low score in IELTS or equivalent test exam.
  • Year loss or year gap after graduation.
  • Abnormal physical and mental condition.
  • insufficient documents.

If you are selected, University sent you an offer letter including course content, agreement, terms and conditions.
If you are happy with these arguments then accept offer and send them email then they will send another letter describing syllabus, admission fee and tuition fee.
After payment you will receive visa.
After your graduation if you want to stay their you need the appropriate working visa . Depending on your study field and your word experience you will get PR.

Requirements for applying PR

If you can meet the following eligibility criteria, then you may apply for the permanent residency.

  • You should pass the exam taken by government for Permanent Residency.
  • You should have graduation certificate from the university of New Zealand.
  • Minimum four years of work experience.
  • Health insurance.
  • You should have involve in at least one job or business.

Cost estimation to Study in New Zealand

All universities of New Zealand offers the scholarships for undergraduate or post graduate level. If you are eligible for scholarship you can apply for scholarship otherwise you must pay the indicated tuition fees. The tuition fees may varies and depends on university and academic institutions. But approximate cost estimation to study in New Zealand may as followings.

  • Study expenses for undergraduate degree comes around ( 18,000 to 25,000) NZ$ per year.
  • Study expenses for postgraduate degree comes around ( 10,000 to 30,000) NZ$ per year.
  • At undergraduate level study expenses for management, humanities, arts, social science may cheaper than engineering and technology or science and technology.
  • Living expenses may also varies, depends on location. The living expenses may varies from ( 7,000 to 12,000) NZ$ per year.

This is the basic information for those student who want to study in New Zealand as a international students. For more information about VISA procedure, application procedure, requirements, cost estimation, embassy information, universities and course, please do not hesitate to contact to us or leave the comment.
Good luck!!!

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