Study In France – Application Procedure, University, Course and Cost

France is western European country .  It is one of the most beautiful country and one of the most  popular tourist destination.  Not only for tourist but also France is attractive destination for international students. There are interesting and  funny fact about France. There is unique culture.  France is forward in invention . France have produce number of world renown invention.  France invented the first camera phone.  The France education system is highly centralized and organized . For international students it is great opportunity to get admission in France because they can gain best knowledge and experience .  While studying they can enjoy their life with beauty of nature. They may enjoy the different culture, different type of food any other many things. So nowadays every student want prefer France for international study. Students who want work or job while studying it is legal on France , So students who have poor economical condition they also apply France for abroad study. And minimum salary for international student is 8 euro par hour. But France is expensive country, so every one can not offer to study in France. Top course in France are more expensive but undergraduate course are low expensive.

Top Course In France

  • Cooking and Hotel Management
  • Health Science
  • Science and Technology
  • Business and Management

Top University In France

  • Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)
  • University of Paris Sud
  • Ecole normale supérieure (ENS)
  • Aix Marseille University
  • University of Strasbourg
  • Sorbonne Paris Cité – Université Paris Diderot
  • Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA)
  • Université de Bordeaux
  • L’Université Paris Descartes
  • l’Université Claude Bernard Lyon

How to apply for study in France

The process of  applying France for international study is same as other country but in this country little bit more process . There you should submit answer paper of some question  with your documents. That question may be essay writing , general knowledge or IQ test. If your application is accepted then you can speed up the further process . But you documents should complete and real.

Documents required to study in France

  • Certificate to prove your previous study level is complete.
  • Certificate of  your qualification.
  • Certificate of IELTS or equivalent course.
  • Certificate of property valuation.
  • Medical report to prove that you are physically and mentally healthy.
  • Certificate of Insurance and health.
  • Certificate of language proficiency.
  • Police report certificate to verify that you have not involve in any crime before.
  • Original copy of valid passport.

Probable cause of rejection:

  • Unqualified certificate on previous study level.
  • Unqualified score on IELTS or equivalent test exam.
  • Year loss or year gap after graduation.
  • Insufficient property valuation.
  • Abnormal physical and mental condition.

If you are selected, University sent you an offer letter including course content, agreement, terms and conditions.
If you are happy with these arguments then accept offer and send them email then they will send another letter describing syllabus, admission fee and tuition fee.
After payment you will receive visa.

Cost Estimation:

Tuition fee at public university:

  • Bachelor level average tuition fee is around 200 EURO per year.
  • Engineering average tuition fee is around 650 EURO per year.

Medical and health tuition fee is around 450 EURO per year.

Tuition fee at privet university

Fee in privet university is 5 to 20 times expensive than public university.

Living cost in France

Living cost in France comes about 700 EURO to 1200 EURO per month.

After your graduation if you want to stay there , there will be no objection . Depending on your study field and your word experience you will get PR of France.

This is the basic information about study in France. for more information about other destination, popular courses, scope of courses, affordable universities for international students, cost estimation, VISA information and application procedure, please stay in contact with us.

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