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Study in Estonia

Estonia is a good choice if you’re still in confusion about where to apply for your higher education. If you’re searching for an abroad destination which is beautiful, technologically advanced, safe and well regarded in the university-level education sector, you should probably pick Estonia.

About Estonia

Estonia is a northern European country, shared the border with Finland in the north, Latvia in west and Russia in the east. This is one of the least populous countries in Europe with only 1.3 million inhabitants. One-third of the total population live in Tallinn, which is the capital of Estonia. Estonia is one of the safest countries in the world and also famous for its leadership in the fields of internet technologies and digital sphere. This is one of the first nations which have adopted a fully digital governance with the help of technologies like electronic ID cards, e-health, e-government system, e-parking and e-school systems.

Estonia is not only regarded as the digital sphere but also well known for its entrepreneurial culture because some famous tech startups ( like Skype, TransferWise, Fortumo, CrabCAD and other) that began life in Estonia. This innovative spirit also encourages among students.

Estonia is the country with an open-minded society and enjoys the high standard of leaving. English language proficiency in Estonia is remarkably high which help it to regularly rank among the best European countries in the ease of doing business index according to the world bank.

This is the country with low living costs and fast developing economy. Also, this is the country with 4 different seasons that include most snowy winters, and with endless summer nights. Estonia makes feel closely connected with nature because there is more than 1000 picturesque lakes & island and as over the half of the country is covered with the forest. Also, you can spend time in the clean open air.

Study in Estonia

Education In Estonia

There are about two dozen of higher education institutions in Estonia and at ten of those, you can study in English languages. Most of the universities are located in the Capital, such as Tallinn University of Technology and Tallinn University. But some of the world’s best-ranked universities like the University of Tartu is located in Tartu, which is the second largest city of Estonia.

As an international student in Estonia, you do not need an additional work permit to work even while enrolling full-time program. You are allowed to work on the condition that side work does not interfere with your studies. All international students can also stay there for extra six months after their graduation. You can use this time to find a job and apply for a temporary residence permit for work after graduation.

Most of the students want to stay in Estonia after the graduation of bachelor’s degree because there is lots of potential and opportunity, especially in the information technology. Approximately 20 percent of international students settle in Estonia after graduation.

Academic Year

The academic year at universities and higher educations in Estonia is divided into two semesters: spring and autumn. The spring semester usually runs from the end of January or beginning of February to the end of may. But the exams may start until the middle of June. Similarly, autumn semester starts from the August to December. An examination will start in January.

University to study in Estonia
University in Estonia

Why Study in Estonia

  • Estonia is a Country of e-society, with e-government, electronics id-cards, etc.
  • This is the first country which facilitates online voting nationwide.
  • According to the Intelligent Community world, Tallinn was chosen as the world’s most intelligent communities.
  • By world health organization, it ranked first worldwide in air quality.
  • Skype was developed in Estonia by 4 Estonian Engineers.
  • This is the country with second biggest internet freedom in the world.
  • Estonia ranked in the third position worldwide in the press freedom index.
  • For Estonian adults, the literacy rate is 100%. Thus become the country having highest literacy rates in the world.
  • World hottest start-up capitals.

Why Estonian Universities?

  • Estonian universities offer the internationally accepted diploma.
  • Courses are teach in the English language.
  • Free internet access everywhere.
  • Small group sizes in classrooms.
  • Active student life.
  • Stable and safe environment to study.
  • The country with 90 % of international students satisfaction on their living and studying abroad in Estonia.

Applying to Study in Estonia

In order to apply to academic institutions or universities in Estonia, you need to prove that you have successfully completed your previous levels of study. You need to complete your bachelor’s degree if you want to apply for a master’s degree program, Similarly secondary education if you apply for an undergraduate course. You will need to show the proof of English language proficiency if you are an international student and applying to study an English taught program. Most of the Estonian universities accept all internationally recognized language tests but some institutions may ask you to sit a language test of their own. You may be required to write an application essay, attend an interview or present a portfolio of work. But it depends on your course and the university you are applying to.

documents to study in Estonia

Visa Information to study in Estonia

You do not need a students visa to study in Estonia if you are coming from a member state of the European Union. But, you need to obtain the temporary right of residence in Estonia after arriving. European Union students must register with the local authorities within 3 months from the day of arrival in Estonia. Additionally, you should for an ID card of Estonia within a month of getting the temporary right of residence.

Similarly, if you are an international student coming from non-European Union Country then you should apply for a temporary residence permit for studying, commonly called TRP. TRP serves as the equivalent to the student visa. You should contact your closest Estonian Embassy to obtain TRP. Also, check the specific documents requirements for your country of origin. You must renew your TRP every year, at least two months before the date of expiration.

Funding and Fees

Study expenses at universities in Estonia are very affordable and mostly depends on the course and university you wish to study. Normally, tuition fees for business filed like  Business Administration, arts, and humanities, engineering, science, and technology are between US$ 1,140 to 8,500 per year. But medical degrees in Estonian universities are more expensive – well above US$ 10,000 per year.

Doctoral degree at Estonian universities is free of charge. There is the vibrant range of scholarships for international students for master’s degree, although some of the scholarships are available for bachelor’s degree programs.

How to Apply

If you are an international student and want to apply in Estonian university then you can submit your application via Dream Apply Application System.

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