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Australia lies in southern hemisphere. It is surrounded by Indian ocean, Pacific ocean, Coral sea, Southern ocean, Timor Arafura and Tasman sea. The area covered by Australia is 7,692,024 There are six states and two territories. Canberra is the capital city of Australia and Sydney is the largest city. Climate condition is just opposite of northern hemisphere. Australia is rich in natural resources and has different minerals ores. It is one of the best attractive place of the world. World population has dream to visit Australia once in their life. The educational system of Australia is one of the best and flow of international students for higher universities is increasing. Better lifestyle and facilities attracts people to be shift in Australia. There is no official language. English is spoken as national language. Majority of population follow Christianity, few follow Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and few do not have any religion. Australia is rich in culture as well as religious aspects.


At first you have to make a mind in which subject you were applying for. You should have good English language. Before applying Australian university you should be very careful. You should select your best course and then find the best university for that course. Before applying university you need to learn about the expenses of tuition. And you need to conform that if there is scholarship available of or not. As possible you need to apply for those university and academic institution which provide the scholarship and funds for international students. Before apply you should complete the IELTS course and should pass the test with best score. You should perform in interview and language proficiency test. There are two ways for applying;.

1. Direct communication with education provider For direct apply, fill the application form from the education provider’s website. If you are applying for a course in different institution then you have to submit application separately.

2. Through some education agency Some agency are working to make easy for international students to apply. Such agency take such fee for their services.


Embassy does not ask for original document but ask for copies of document. The list of requirement as;

1. A filled and signed visa application form.

2. Copies of the passport detail in the application.

3.One passport sized photo which is recently taken not more than six months old.

4.Cerified copies of the student’s English language test score which should be taken within 2 years before the date of application.

5. Education document should contain ; copies of certificates of qualification, transcript/document of academic results. 6. Certification should clearly state; full name, title of award, date of award and name of institution.


1. Student needs to have visa.

2. Before applying visa, students get their health insurance.

3. You have to make plan where you are going to study.

4. Australian university is expensive.

5. Seasons are different from northern hemisphere.

6. Australia has vast area.

7. You should have bank account.

8. While studying in university you may not get time for work.

9. You must have knowledge about official rules.

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