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New Zealand scholarships are the most prestigious scholarships in the world for the students from developing countries to study in New Zealand. New Zealand Government, New Zealand universities and many other scholarship organization offers the scholarship in New Zealand for domestic and international students. There may large numbers of scholarships in New Zealand but some of the most important and most beneficial scholarships are listed below. Check out the list of scholarships and Explore the knowledge about all scholarship in New Zealand, compare and apply for the best scholarship.

1. UC International first Year Undergraduate Scholarship

This scholarship is hosted by the University of Canterbury, New Zealand and targeted to all international students from all around the world except Australia and New Zealand. Under this scholarship program University of Canterbury offers up to 25 scholarships per year for the students enrolled bachelor degree program on any courses offered by this university.

The total worth of this scholarship would be approximately $10,000 to 20,000 and is valid for one year.

2. New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships in New Zealand

This scholarship is funded by the Government of New Zealand and administered by Education New Zealand. And targeted to all international students want wants to enrolled PhD degree at AUT university, Lincoln University, Massey University, University of Auckland, University of Canterbury, University of Otago, University of Waikoto, Victoria University of Wellington. Under this scholarship 8 scholarship are awards each year.

This scholarship would cover all the study expenses including associated student levies, medical insurance and annual living stipend.

3. ADB Scholarships at University of Auckland

This scholarship is hosted by the University of Auckland, targeted to all nationals of an ADB borrowing member. Main aim of this scholarship is to provide the opportunity for the well qualified member of ADB member country to undertake postgraduate degree.

This scholarship would cover the complete tuition fees, airfare, living cost until course completing, health insurance, and many more.

4. New Zealand Aid Programme Scholarships for International Students

This scholarship is hosted by New Zealand universities and institutes of technology ( Eligible ) targeted to the citizen of selected countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Carribbean. Under this scholarship there are four types of scholarships : New Zealand Pacific Scholarship, New Zealand development Scholarship, New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship and New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship.

This scholarship available for postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, masters degree or PhD degree, and cover complete tuition fees, living allowance, medical insurance, travel insurance, establishment allowance, and travel allowance.

5. University of Otago International Research Master’s Scholarships in New Zealand

This scholarship is hosted by The University of Otago, New Zealand, targeted to all international students from all around the world. Any international students who want to undertake thesis based masters program on Business, Health Science, Humanities and Science would be eligible for this scholarship. Four scholarships are available per each division.

It may cover all study expenses excluding student service fee. And extra NZ$ 13,000 stipend per annum.

6. University of Otago Doctoral Scholarships in New Zealand

This scholarship is hosted by the university of Otago, New Zealand, targeted to all students including domestic and international. This program offers the scholarship for PhD research programme at that University, offers up to 181 scholarship annually.

The recipient of this scholarship will receive approximately NZ$ 25,000 stipend per annum plus domestic tuition fees excluding health and travel insurance and student service.

7. ADB-Japan Scholarship in New Zealand for Developing Countries in Asia and Pacific

Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship program is the international scholarship program offers the scholarships to only participating academic institutions. Under this scholarship program approximately 300 scholarships are available, to undertake postgraduate studies in economics, management, health, education, agriculture, environment, science and technology and natural resource management.

The recipient of this scholarship would receive complete tuition fees, hosting allowance and monthly subsistence, medical insurance, travel expenses and complete academic expenses including books and instructional materials. This is one year scholarship and can be extend to second year.

8. New Zealand – ASEAN Scholars Award

This scholarship is hosted by the participating academic institutions of New Zealand, targeted to Brunie, Darrusalam, Combodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam. This scholarship is available for postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, masters degree or PhD.

This scholarship would cover full tuition fees, an establishment allowance, living allowance, travel insurance and medical insurance.

This is the basic information about all available scholarship in New Zealand, for the more information about these scholarships please visit the individual link of individual scholarship topic.

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