Endeavour Scholarship And Fellowships

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Endeavour Scholarship And Fellowships

The Endeavour scholarship and fellowships is one of the most popular and biggest scholarship of Australia. This scholarship is offered by the the education and training administers department of Australian Government. This scholarship and fellowship was established in 2003 AD. Then it start to show the excellence in the education sector of Australia. And this program enable high achieving students from all around the world to undertake study or in Australia for Australian students as well as international students for around the world. The main aim of Endeavour Scholarship is to build the reputation of Australia for the excellence in the provision of education and research in the world. This program supports the internationalisation of the Australian National higher education and research sectors and offer high achieving individuals form international and national opportunities to increase their productivity and expertise in their field. To provide the high quality education in individuals of academic merit with high quality learning which may help for Australia to create the identity as a world leader in the field of education and research. Under this scholarship and fellowship program they offer approximately six thousands of scholarship program for national and international students. They provide scholarship and fellowship for short-term research on Australian Masters, PhD or postdoctoral research, long-term research towards Australian masters or PhD and professional developments. There are approximately 4800 scholarships for international students and approximately 1300 scholarships for Australian students. Australia provide this scholarship more than 130 countries form all around the world. For the Endeavour Scholarship and Fellowship program the Australian Government provide the funding.

Types of Endeavour Scholarship and Feloowship

There are mainly three types of this program :  Postgraduate and postdoctoral scholarship and fellowship , vocational education and training and executive fellowship.

1. Postgraduate and postdoctoral scholarship and fellowships

Under this scholarship there are two programs :  Endeavour Postgraduate scholarship and Endeavour Research fellowship. For the recipients of endeavour postgraduate scholarship they provide $AUD 15000 per semester up to two years for masters program and up to four years for PHD program, where total cost is approximately $272000 for phd program and 140500 for master program.
And the Endearour Research is short term research towards an over seas master and doctoral program. The recipients of this fellowship will get approximately $24000 for four to six month.

2. Endeavour Vocational Education and Training Scholarship

This scholarship is for Australian Diploma, advanced diploma or Associate degree for one year to two and half year. Recipient of this scholarship will get $6500 AUD per semester.

3. Executive Fellowships

Under this scholarship, scholarship provider will pay up to $18000 for the professional development of students.
Except this all the recipients will receive the following facilities;
– $3000 as travel allowance
– $2000 as establishment allowance
– $3000 as monthly stipend
– health insurance
– travel insurance
these are the benefits of this scholarship and fellowship program. There are huge facilities and benefits for the recipient of this scholarship so there are also strong eligibility criteria for this scholarship some of them are following:

Eligibility for Endeavour scholarship and fellowships

1. The applicant must be aged 18 years or over.
2. Applicant must be the citizen of participating country.
3. They must be provide the necessary documents to the scholarship section before the deadline.
4. They must not currently hold any other scholarships and fellowship provided by Australian government.
5. They must not hold the dual citizenship or permanent residency of Australia.
6. Best score in IELTS or equivalent language test.

Documents required for Endeavour scholarship and fellowships

– Password or Birth Certificate.
– Verification of Aboriginal.
– Academic Transcript.
-Formal Admission to an Australian University or Institutons.
– Enrolment letter ( only for research towards Master and PhD level)
– TOEFL , IELTS or equivalent transcript.
– Employment Record /CV/Resume
– Referee reports (Two)
– Host Nomination.

How to apply for an Endeavour scholarship or fellowships

– stay in contact for the notice for applying this scholarship program.
– Read the guidelines to understanding the scholarship program.
– Meet the eligibility requirements.
– Read the handbook of this scholarship and fellowship program which is available in official site of Endeavour scholarship program, where terms and conditions are described.
– Apply through online , when the application period is open then a application can be started by registering onlin.
– Submit required documents with online form.
– And there will be unique code for your future use.
– When once an application has been submitted there is no further chances for adding other documents.

When to apply for Endeavour scholarship and Fellowshps

The application form will be open on April and closed on last of June. You should submit your online form with necessary documents in the period of form opening. Then the applications short listed are published on july or october. Result will published on december then successful and unsuccessful applicants will receive an email regarding the outcome of their application.

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