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The university of Sydney is one of the best public research university of Australia. This university is located in the most popular city of Australia , Sydney. This university is ranked in 45thposition in world university ranking. University of Sydney is the most oldest university of Australia, from its established time it become one of the world leading university. In this university there are approximately 55 thousands are studying. Science and technology, medicine science, information technology , marketing managements , low , arts, agriculture and animal science, economics are the most popular course of this university.
University of Sydney is offering vibrant range of scholarships programs for national and international students as well. In this university there are also many scholarships programs which are funded by the Australian Government and many other industries and organization. Due to vibrant range and vibrant types of scholarships programs there are different types of terms and condition, different eligibilities , different benefits and different facilities for different types of scholarships. The applying process for different scholarship programs are different as well.
The university of Sydney offers two types of scholarships program for international students they are : Undergraduate scholarship and Post graduate scholarship.

1. Undergraduate Scholarship Scholarship by University of Sydney

Under this scholarship there are many scholarships programs , some of them are listed below:

– Scholarship Available for year 12 students :

This scholarship is only for those students who are currently studying at that institutions. They offer this scholarship to support the students financially during study time.

– Sydney Scholars Awards

This scholarship is for duration of five years. The university offer $6000 to $10000 per year to the recipient students. For this scholarship you should meet the eligibility criteria. This scholarship supports the students with excellent academic ability who have faced significant challenges.

– University of Sydney Scholar Chancellors Award

The University of Sydney offer this scholarship for the students who demonstrate an outstanding performance in years 12 result. The worth of this scholarship is $10000 per year. The continuation of this scholarship is depends on your regular enrolment and maintaining an excellent academic performance with an average mark of at least 75 %.

-College Based Scholarships

This scholarship is offered for those students who want to live on campus or need to campus. There are eight types of scholarships and opportunities for new students and current students as well.

-Gap Year Students

some students may want to take one year gap between school and university to travel , work or may be explore the other interests. For those students Sydney university offers the scholarship because taking one year of gap doesn’t mean that student is ineligible for scholarship.

– Honor Scholarship

This scholarship is for those students who are performing excellent academic performance.

– Mature Age Entry

This scholarship is for mature age students because they want to encourage the mature age students to study.

2. Postgraduate Scholarship by University of Sydney

This scholarship is provided by the university of Sydney to encourage and support the financially weak and talented for further study. The main aim of this scholarship to search the talented students from all around the world. Some of the most popular scholarship program offered by University of Sydney are listed below:

  1. -Anne Wexler Australian-American Public Policy Scholarships

    -Asian Development Bank – Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP)

  2. -Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS)

  3. -Australia Awards Leadership Program (AALP)

  4. -Becas Chile

  5. -Brazilian Government Scholarship Program ‘Science without Borders’

  6. -Business Leader Postgraduate Scholarship

  7. -Commonwealth Scholarships

  8. -Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR) Scholarship Program

  9. -Dr Abdul Kalam International Scholarships

  10. -Endeavour Australia Program

  11. -Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences International Scholarships

  12. -Faculty of Health Sciences Dean’s International Graduate Entry Masters Scholarship

  13. -Faculty of Science Dean’s International Postgraduate Research Scholarships

  14. -Fulbright

  15. -Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship (formerly IPRS)

  16. -Master of Human Rights and Democratisation Scholarships

  17. -Michael H. Rathgeber Scholarship (for residence at International House)

  18. -Nancy Roma Paech Postgraduate Scholarships

  19. -Northcote Graduate Scholarships

  20. -Peruvian Scholarships

  21. -Rotary International

  22. -Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness Scholarship

  23. -Talentia Scholarships for Spanish or European Union Member State Nationals

  24. -Thai Government

  25. -University of Sydney Business School Endeavour Award Postgraduate Top-Up Scholarship

  26. -University of Sydney International Scholarship (USydIS)

  27. -US Federal Student Aid

  28. -Vice-Chancellor International Scholarships Scheme

  29. -Walter Mersh Strong Scholarship

  30. -Wigram Allen Scholarship for the Juris Doctor – International

  31. This is the basic information about scholarship offered by University.

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