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Australia is a vibrant nation with the great and to many opportunity for international students. So Australia has third highest numbers of international students in the world. Australia has seven of the top 100 university in the world. In Australia there are more than 1000 educational institutions and more than 22 thousands course. In fact, Australian government invest more than A$ 200 million for the scholarship for international students.

As we know Australia has too many international students, too many courses and too many educational institutions. So for the different course of different level and for different institutions and university, requirements criteria my different. Some of the most common criteria requirements for study in Australia are described below:

Academic (Qualification) academic requirements for study in Australia 

Academic Requirements for Bachelor Degree

if you want to go Australia for study bachelor degree level in Australian private institutions then , you need normal academic qualification, like 60 % or above in +2 or equivalent level. But some private institutions may accept you even you have less than 60 % in + 2 if your IELTS score is more than 6.666. But if you are applying for recognized Australian University, you must pass +2 or equivalent with more than 70 % . for management, accounting , information technology , arts and education course , satisfactory academic certificate may be accepted but for medical and engineering curse your academic performance should be excellent. If you have more than 85 % in +2 or equivalent then you may direct admission for bachelor course otherwise you need to complete one year diploma course before joining Bachelor.

Academic Requirements for Master’s or Doctoral Course

Getting students visa for Master’s degree is more harder than accepting student visa for bachelor degree. For master degree you must meet strict requirement criteria of IELTS as well as academic. Because Australian governments provide many scholarship opportunity for international students. To meet academic qualification for master’s degree you must pass the bachelor level with 3 gpa or equivalent. But for the master’s in management course gpa less than 3 also may acceptable. Only scholarship holder student will be able to do master’s degree in recognized Australian University.

IELTS or Language test Requirements

Minimum IELTS score requirements for international students for bachelor degree program is six. But you have 7 or more score in IELTS then you wouldn’t take language test again in Australia. And if you have 7 score in IELTS and more than 85 % in plus two you can direct get admission for bachelor level otherwise you need to complete one year diploma course before joining bachelor degree.

Fro master’s degree course minimum IELTS score required is seven and equivalent for other language test. Higher score in IELTS, higher will be the probability of visa acceptance.

Financial requirements for study in Australia 

For bachelor degree program the, you need strong financial documents. Semester fee in Australian university is may A$20000 to 25000. but if you want to study in private institutions then fee may be A$ 10000 to A$ 12000 per semester. Including semester fee , admission fee , health insurance etc etc you need to pay nearly A$18000 to A$ 20000 thousand if you are study in private institutions. If you want to join university for bachelor degree than you need to pay approximately A$ 30000 to A$ 35000. including this payment amount you need must have the proof that you have minimum A$ 45000 bank balance and yearly income of your family is approximately A$ 15000.

Financial Requirements For Master’s degree:

The semester fee and admission fee for Master’s level is more cheaper than bachelor level course. As well as there is scholarships program for international ( developing country’s) students so many international students prefer Australia and Australian university for master’s degree. 

These are the basic requirements for study in Australia.  

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