IWC Masters Scholarship For International Students


IWC refers to the international WaterCentre. IWC is one of the prestigious scholarship in Australia. This scholarship is awarded to highly calibre candidates. Candidate who can clearly demonstrate the potential to become Future water leaders. The recipient of this scholarship will study at the University of Queensland in Australia. And also this scholarship is also offered by the university of Queensland.
This scholarship is for those students who wants to enrolled masters in Integrated Water management program ( MIWM).
For this scholarship domestic ( Australia and New Zealand ) as well as international student can apply.
IWC offers two types of scholarship program for international students or international candidates to study the MIWM program. The types of scholarship are categorized according to the countries ( Type A and Type B). Type A include countries in the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Africa and Middle East. And Type B include selected countries in North America, Europe and parts o Asia.

Time And Duration IWC Scholarship

The scholarship for Master’s in water management will be complete with in maximum of three consecutive semester. Total period of time is eighteen month. Recipient should complete their course on eighteen month of period, otherwise scholarship will temporarily suspend.

Selection Method

To receive the IWC scholarship , first of all you meet to minimum eligibilities requirements. And selection of recipient based on the following :
– Candidate must have collaboration and team work skill.
– Candidate must have flexibility, initiative, communication skill, vision through professional, community and education related achievements.
– Candidate should have relevent employment and volunteering experiences.
– Candidate should have excellent academic certificates.

Worth of IWC Scholarship


Worth of scholarship is different for different type:

Worth of Type A scholarship:

Recipient of this scholarship will receive the full tuition fee and full living expense. This type of scholarship will cover the total value of $92,645 AUD, which include living expenses ( $36000) , air fair $2500 AUD, students service and Amenities fee approximately $441, cost of student visa $550 AUD, cost of overseas students health cover $1000 AUD.

Worth of Type B Scholarship

This type of scholarship include the full tuition fees but do not include living expenses or accommodation and travel expenses. Recipients themselves will be responsible for the living expenses. The total worth of this scholarship will be approximately $ 52,500 AUS. Which include only tuition fees for full-time study of the IWC master of Integrate water management program.

Eligibility Requirements

The candidates of IWC scholarship must meet the following requirements:
– Candidate must complete undergraduate degree at internationally recognized institutions in related field of study or related course.
– The candidates must have minimum two years of professional experience ( it may be paid work experiences or volunteering experiences).
– International applicant must demonstrate the excellent English language proficiency. Weak in english language cause automatically rejection.

How To Apply for IWC Scholarship


– if you meet all the eligibilities requirements then you may submit form online with following supporting documents:
– Current CV
– Two reference letters from a professional or academic referee.
– proof of language proficiency.
-All academic documents or certificates.
You need to submit all supporting documents with application form. They provide scholarship on the basis of your academic excellence and research potential. No entrance test will be taken for the new admission.
So to get IWC scholarship you must have strong certificates and documentation. 

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