How To Get Austrlaian PR ( Permanent Resident)


Australian Permanent Resident (PR) 

International citizen or non-citizen of Australia but the holder of permanent visa of of Australia is commonly known as Australian PR ( Permanent Resident). A permanent resident has right to live, work and study in Australia without any restriction. A permanent resident of Australia has all most all rights and entitlements as Australian citizen however they are from different countries. They have right to entry to Australia whenever they want, but they need to ensure that they have a permanent visa with a valid travel authority. However they have all most rights as Australian citizen , they can not vote in Australian Government election. They obtained the social security form government of Australia. Australian Government provide free health and education service for permanent resident. If they need loans for higher education Australian government provide loan at low interest. So any international citizen who live in Australia, want to get Australian PR.

Ways to Get Australian PR ( Permanent Residency)

Australia Government provide mainly two types of Australian Permanent Residency : Family – Based Australian Permanent Residency and Skill – Based Australian Permanent Residency.

Family – Based Australian PR (Permanent Residency)

Partner Visa ( subclasses 801 and 802)

Is there your family in Australia ? if yes you may be eligible for Australian permanent residency such types of visa is called Partner visa. This way is easiest way to get Australian PR. There are two types of partner visa, they are subclass 801 and subclass 802. Subclass 802 is the first stage for permanent partner visa subclass 801. subclass 802 is only the temporary partner visa that allows only to live in Australia. You may apply for both visa at the same time. The applications may processed in two stage, about 2 years apart.Then after then you will get Australian PR.

Eligibility For Partner Visa

– you must be married to or being in relationship with an Australian citizen.
– you must be married to or being in relationship with an Australian Permanent resident.
– you must be married to or being in relationship with an eligible New Zealand citizen.
How To Apply For Partner Visa

1. Be prepared

Before you apply for Australian Permanent Resident you need to submit the certain documents with the application form to prove that you are eligible for Permanent Resident ( PR) .

2. Submit your documents

You may apply though online , by post or in person. But before you apply you must have all documents ready as well as the visa application fee.

3. Wait for Approval

Australian government may take several times to make decision on your visa application.

4. Receive your visa

As soon as your application is approved, you will receive your visa then you can start your business or study in Australia.

Skill – Based Australian Permanent Residency

under this permanent residency there are many subclasses like : subclass 186 , subclass 187, subclass 188, subclass 189, subclass 190, subclass 132 etc etc.

Subclass 186 ( Employer Nomination Scheme)

Australian Government provide subclass 186 visa to skilled full and qualified workers for abroad countries. With this visa they permanently live and work in Australia. And they also study in Australia. They may have opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship.
For this visa you should meet the following requirements
– you need to nominated by a recognized Australian Company or employer.
– you must be your than 50 years of age.
– you should have the certificate of your language proficiency.

Subclass 187 ( Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme)

Any international skilled and qualified worked may be eligible for this visa. For this visa you must meet the complete skill and qualification test. And if you nominated by an recognized Australian employer for a job in regional Australia. You must not older than 50 years for this type of visa. As well as you meet the qualification test for English language proficiency.

Subclass 188 ( Business Innovation and Investment Visa)

This visa allows you to start new business as well as manage existing business in Australia. For that you must be nominated by Australian government agency. If you are nominated for this visa then you can establish a business in Australia, you will be able to apply for the Australian citizenship, you may bring your family member with you to Australia. For the establish of your new business you must be nominated by Government of Australia. You should meet the general and specific requirements documents. After the nomination by Australian government you will be able to apply for this Business Innovation and Investment visa.

Subclass 189 ( Skilled Independent Work Visa)

Any international skilled worker who hold the occupation on Australia’s Skilled Occupation List ( ASOL ) may apply or eligible for this visa. To apply for this visa applicant should not older than 50 years, should in English language, he/she meet the health requirement and meet the character requirements. For this visa you need to complete a skill assessment and must obtain an acceptable score in order to be eligible. After seeing your assessment and obtained marks, related Australian employer will nominate you and will sponsor. Then after they will send a invitation letter apply the visa. As soon as receiving invitation letter you may apply for Skilled Independent work visa to get Australian PR.

Subclass 189 ( Skill Nominated Work Visa)

Certain international skilled workers who hold an occupation on Australian skilled Occupation list may be apply and may eligible for this visa and may get Australian pr. The skilled independent work visa is only available for the people who can fill the position on the skilled occupation list. For this visa you must meet the basic requirements like basic english test, health certificate, character certificate and age. More the impression on the assignment , more will be the the probability of nomination. So you need to perform your best on skill assignment. After seeing your assignment and your skill the Australain employers who is looking for someone like you may hire you, and sponsor you. After receiving nomination letter from Australian employer you may apply for skilled independent work visa.
These are the main types of Australian visa which can apply for the permanent resident in Australia. Behind these , there are many other types of visa by which you can apply for Australian Permanent Residency (PR).

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