How To Apply Australian Student Visa From Nepal


Australia is the second destination after United State of America. Most of the Nepali student who want to go abroad for higher study, first apply for America if American embassy reject them they knocked the door of Australian Embassy. Thousands of Nepali students are going Australia every year for different level courses. But most of the students apply Australia for undergraduate level course and postgraduate level course.
Australia is one of the most developed and beautiful country in the world. There is better environment for studying and working than other countries so Australia become the most attractive destination for Nepali students. So most of the students wants to apply for Australian students visa form Nepal.  In Australian university there are best and experienced teacher, advance technical machine are used in practical, most of the Australian university are in best world ranked. The graduation certificate form Australian university are globally recognize so most of the Nepali students want to apply for Australian University. Nepal is the developing country, so Australian government and Australian university as well provide the scholarships for the students from developing countries. Living expenses and studying cost in Australia is more affordable than other European and American countries. After graduating from Australian university highly paid jobs are easily available. After graduation form Australian University or institutions if you start to working in Australian Company then you will apply for Australian PR which is the most attractive things about study in Australia for Nepali students.

Process To Apply For Australian Student Visa From Nepal

The process may be different to applying Australia for undergraduate level, postgraduate level, scholarship and applying for paying seats. Its may also depends on the terms and conditions of university and scholarship provider. But Most of the common steps to apply for Australian university from Nepal are described below:

1. Find the best university and interested course

Before you applying for Australian university you need to know the knowledge about Australian university and educational institutions. In Australia there are all kinds of university some of the privet university are more expensive and government university are more cheaper than privet. In most of Australian government university there are scholarship program targeting for developing country. Is such university they provide scholarship during admission time as well as after the admission. Before you select and applying for admission you need to know such knowledge about university and course.

2. Get Ready To Apply for Australian Student Visa from Nepal

After choosing the best and affordable university you need to get more information about that institutions. You need to read the admission guide lines for new admission and admission process. You need to stay in contact with that chosen institutions to get the notice about admission open and admission process. When they published the notice of admission open, they also published the list of required documents and cost estimation.
Before applying for admission you need to have the complete documents. One of the most important certificate is IELTS or equivalent test certificate. Approval and rejection of you application mainly depends upon your academic and IELTS test certificate. Higher score in IELTS or equivalent test higher the probability of getting admission, higher probability of getting admission means higher probability of approving visa. You need to show best performance in IELTS test.
And another one of the most important document is financial documents. Before getting admission to Australian university you need assure that you can afford the Australian university. For that you need to show them the proof of bank balance.
Similarly if you take year gap before applying in Australian University you need to submit the valid reason of taking gap.

Apply For Admission To The Australian University

As soon as the notice publish for the new admission on the chosen institution and chosen course you need to apply for admission with required documents. The list of documents required will be listed with the notice of admission open.
Apply To Australian Government For Student Visa
As soon as when you apply for admission for the new admission to university and course , side by side you need to apply for student visa to the Australian Government.
For the applying for student visa to Australia, there are two ways, either you may direct contact with Australian university or you may go through institutions.

1. Direct Contact with University

if you want to apply through this way you need to find the official website of Australian education provider and fill the online form and submit with necessary documents. You should be very careful during applying because if you once submitted the application form without incomplete documents there is no chance to submit another additional documents.

2. Apply Through The Consultancy

In Nepal there are many institutions which works to send the Nepali students to Abroad. If you apply through the consultancy, you need to submit your complete documents to the consultancy then after they will process. Consultancy do all process like they teach you IELTS course, they helps you to take IELTS exam and many more.

Receiving Your Offering Letter

If your application is passed then university send you a offer letter, describing the rules, regulations , terms and conditions. You need to conform that letter by signing and sending replying them. You should carefully read the offer letter before you accepted it, and make yourself sure that you understand all the rules and regulation and you are happy with that. If you are not happy with terms and conditions do not accept the offer letter.
After you accepted the offer letter you need to keep copy of the letter that may use or may help in future.
After accepting offer letter its time to pay your deposit to the university. As soon as you pay your deposit they will give you the eCoE. The eCoE is necessary to apply for student visa to Australian government.

Visa Application

when you submit your complete documents with eCoE to the embassy of Australia, they will approve your visa.

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