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In the list of beautiful countries in the world , Australia is one of the most unique and attractive country in the world. Most of the population in the world has dreams to visit Australia on in their life. Because of the nature of beauty many people visit Australia. In Australia they pay high amount for every workers so workers from all around the world are attracted towards the Australia. The education system of Australia is one of the best because of this reason flow of international students for higher level course in Australian university is going increasing. And also Australia is english spoken country so it is easy to communicate for all international students and visitor. As well as the the living expenses in Australia is lower as compare to other European countries so Australia become the most attractive visitor , workers and students.
To apply Australia there may several process it depends on for what job are you applying for. If you are applying only for visiting it is easy process. If you are applying there for working you need to submit more additional documents and if you are applying for studying there may also different process to apply it depends on for which level, for which course and for which university are you applying. If you are applying for students visa the applying process will be different. Some of the applying process for Australian visa are following:

How To Apply For Australian Student Visa

a. Find the institutions

Before you apply for student visa you need to find out the best university and course as your choice as well as that university or institution should be affordable for you. You should spends enough time to find the best university and course then there will be more possibilities to find best one. When you find choose or select the course and university it time to move in second step.

b. Apply

To go to Australia as a students you need to apply for the admission to the selected institution or university and also you need to apply for a student visa to the government of Australia. And the first step is applying for the selected course. For apply you may go through two ways:

I. Direct contact with University

Ta apply according to this way you need to find the official website of education provider and need to download and fill the online form, if you are applying for different courses as option you need to submit form separately. You need to submit your all documents ( academic documents, financial documents, english language certificate ) with the form. When you submitted form once there will no be more chances to submit additional documents.

II. Apply through an Australian education agent

There are more institutions works in partnership with Australian institutions or university as a agent. They work for university or institutions as well as they help you for provide information, and also help to apply and admission. If you want to apply though this way you need to submit your all documents and certificate to that institutions, They will process.

c. Receiving your offer letter by university

if your application is pass then you will receive the Letter Of Offer by university. To conform that offer letter you need to respond to that letter by singing and sending reply to the institution or university. This process usually may done by mil, by scanning or may emailing the letter. This offer letter is the contract between student and university about course, fee and expenses.
NOTE: you should read the offer letter carefully before you accept it. You should make sure yourself that you understand all your rights, and responsibilities. If you are not happy with any of its terms and condition do not accept the letter. And you need to keep the copy of letter that may used in future.
After you accepted the offer letter you need to pay your deposit then you will receive eCoE ( electronic Conformation of Enrolment).

Visa Application

if you are applying online lodgement faculty of department of immigration and citizenship for student visa you need to submit the complete details of of your electronic confirmation of enrolment to lodge your visa application. But generally for the secondary school exchange students and students sponsored by foreign affairs or department of defence they do not require the conformation of enrolment certificate.
Before you accept an offer letter and payment of tuition fee you should make conform that you meet all the requirements for students visa.

Documents Required

1. Complete application form for students visa.
2. The original copy of the offer letter provided by recognized Australian University or institutions.
3. The original copy valid password or traveling documents.
4. Two recent password-size photography.
5. Necessary documents of financial support that can prove that you can offer Australian university or institutions.
6. Proof that you had paid the study permit fee to Australian Government.
7. proof of electronic conformation enrolment.

How To Apply For Australian working visa

Similar as the student visa. For the working visa you need to find the job provider in Australia. You need to submit your experience and skill documents after evaluating your experience and ablity ,They will give you a letter. You need to show that letter to apply for working visa. After evaluating your documents they will give you a visa.

How To Apply For Australian Tourist Visa

you need to Australian visa to enter Australia, unless you are an Australian Password holder. If you are going to Australia only for visiting you need a tourist visa. The Australian online visa system is colled ETA. For visiting visa you need to complete the online ETA visa application. You need to submit the travel certificate, travel information and details of password. You need to clearly explain the reason of visiting Australia. After payment your application will be processed instantly and linked to your password number and then with in few minutes your ETA status will bi conformed by email.

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