Dependent Student Visa For Australia

Family Dependent Visa

Under this visa you may bring your family to Australia. If you are working in Australia and you have child or spouse are living in abroad, if they want to join you then your family may apply for family visa.

Child Dependent Visa

Children of permanent residents, children of Australian citizen , and every eligible New Zealand citizens if they want to join their parents in Australia can join their parents. The parents should promise to be responsible for the child, must promise to provide financial support.

Work Dependent Visa

If you are coming in Australia on working visa then you may bring your family member in dependent visa. If you are coming Australia on temporary working visa then only your spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 18 may apply for dependent family visas.

Dependent should be less than 25 years old, and they also may become Australian permanent residents on the child visa.

Student Dependent Visa

Any international students who entered Australia as a student ( with student visa) to complete an academic course of one year or for more duration, Australian government allowed them to bring the closet family member as a dependents. Immigration rules of Australian governments allowed spouses ( life partner) , partners and unmarried children to be eligible for dependent student visa. In case of children dependent visa , children should be less than eighteen years.

Australian government granted the work permit to a dependent partner. The work permit may also depends and varies with the course of study of the students. A dependent partner has permit to study in Australian institutions only for three months or lesser duration. If a student is studying in bachelor’s degree level, then the dependent partner will have permit to work up to 40 hours per fortnight ( duration of 15 days). If a student is pursuing a master’s degree course , doctorate degree or doing research in Australian university then the will be allowed full time work and unlimited work.

Eligibility For Australian Dependent Student Visa

Eligibility , term and condition for the different types of dependent visa are also different. Following are the some of the most common eligibility conditions to be eligible to enter the Australia as a dependent on a student visa:

Dependent visa For Spouse or partner

The dependent person must be your husband/wife ( the person you are married to

) or de facto partner. De facto partner means including same sex partner. If that dependent person is your de facto partner then you must have been living with that partner for least one year and you share a genuine and exclusive relationship with your partner.

If that dependent person is child

  • A person who is applying for dependent visa must be your child.
  • hat child must not be married or engaged. And also must not in a de facto relationship.
  • That child must be less than eighteen years of age.
  • That child must be still in continuous education.

How to apply for Australian Dependent Student Visa

Before you applied for Australian dependent visa you must nominated by your partner in her/his application for Australian Student visa.

1. Fill Up The Nomination Form

Before you apply for dependent student visa you need to complete the nomination form , from 909 and in that form don’t forget to put your signature at the application form.

2. Send the nomination form

You need to send or submit the complete nomination form along with the required documents.

3. Documentation for the application

Before you apply you need to know about the required documents and make a checklist of the required documents. And gather all the documents and keep them ready to submit.

4. Complete the application form

To apply for the dependent student visa, you( who is applying for dependent student visa) need to complete the form 157A application.

5. Submit the forms

A person who is applying for dependent student visa must submit both the forms , form 157A and form 919 nomination with all the required documents to the Australian Embassy or consulate or Australian mission.

6. Pay the application fee

At the time of application form submission of your dependent student student visa you need to pay required application fee. After payment and the dependent visa is issued that dependent may receive the visa.

Concern About

  • You must not submit false documents for your visa.
  • You must not hide or misrepresent facts in your application.
  • You need to declare your family member in your Australian student visa application form , even if any of your family member may not travel with you to Australia.
  • You need to fill your application form carefully with ll accurate details. The incomplete and wrong application form will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  • Dependent must bring all the original copies and photocopies of supporting documents when he/ she comes to submit his/her application form.

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