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Student who want to study in Australian University or who want to go to Australia for study but they are not the citizen of Australia required an Australian visa. Any international student who wants to enrols on a course more than four month in Australia required an Australian students visa. Before you apply for Australian students visa you need to apply for an Australian University for the admission. If you are eligible for Australian university and if Australian university accept your application then they will send you a offer letter then you can apply for Australian students visa. After accepting their offer letter you required to pay the tuition fee for the course.

Australian government allow many types of students visa for international students. Students may choose one of the best visa depending on their circumstances. Some of the most popular Australian students visa are described below:

1. ELICOS Students Visa( subclass 570) ( English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students )

This visa allow the international students to study at an approved Australian English school in Australia. Australian government provide you such visa only if you wish to undertake recognized or registered course on full time basis. Every international students who is studying in Australia on an ELICOS student visa , they have work rights same as other students visa holder international students. Australian Government gives them permit to work 20 hours per week and unlimited hours in semester breaks.

2. School Sector Visa ( Subclass 571)

Australian Government provide this students visa for those international students who want to study a full-time school course in Australia. This visa is for those students who is studying in primary or secondary level, including as part of a secondary school exchange program. For this visa the applicant must be younger than 18 years but government allow them to work up to 20 hours per week. Before applying for this visa you need electronic confirmation of enrolment code , sent by Australian educational institute with the acceptance latter.

3. Vocational Education and Training Sector visa ( subclass 572)

The Vocational education and training sector visa allows you to in Australia and study in Australia. It means under this visa an international student may able to study a full-time vocational education and other training course including Certificate I , II III, IV, Advance Diploma or Diploma. Before you apply for vocational education and training visa you should selected to study full time in Australian educational institutions, then this Australian student visa will be accepted.

4. Higher Educational Sector Visa ( Subclass 573)

The higher education sector visa is designed for those students who wants to study in Australia to study full time course of higher education. This is one of the most popular Australian student visa for international students. Higher education course education include graduate diploma, Associate degree, Graduate certificate and Masters by coursework. Under this visa you can stay in Australia for as long as you are enrolled in a registered course. This type of visa holder students can work in Australia up to 20 hours per week. And if he/ she want to bring dependent partner in Australia , this visa allow you.

5. Postgraduate Research Student Visa ( subclass 574)

This visa is designed for those international students who wants to study in Doctoral degree or want to do postgraduate research in Australian University. The visa holder may bring his dependent family member or dependent partner in Australia. But that dependent will not able to study in Australia more than three month but You must manage your study and living expenses yourself.

6. Non Award Student Visa ( subclass 575)

Under this visa you may able to live in Australia until you are enrolled in a course registered. This type of visa is designed for those students who want to stay in Australia to study either in in Full time course or other non award foundation studies courses.

7. Foreign Affairs Student Visa ( Subclass 576)

This type of visa is designed for those international students who are sponsored by AusAID or defence to study full time course. This type of visa holder may stay in Australia for as long as he/she is enrolled in a full time registered course. You will allowed to do work up to 20 hours per week. And if you want , you can migrate your family in Australia as dependent.

8. Student Guardian visa

The student guardian visa is designed for those who want to go Australia as the guardian of any international students, if that student is younger than 18 years of age. And in any other exceptional circumstances the guardian of an international student may get this visa even that students is older than 18 years.

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