Australia Awards Scholarship

The Australia Awards Scholarship is the most popular and biggest scholarship program of Australia for international students. Australian Award scholarship ASS or Australian Development Scholarships ADS is same. This scholarship is offered for only for those students from developing countries. This is offered to help the students of developing countries so that they may get better education in undergraduate level and post graduate level. This scholarship may financially supports the students who want to study graduate level from Australian Universities. This scholarship is one of the most important reason which attract the developing countries students towards the Australia. Under this scholarship they provide large number scholarship seats and it depends on the available of funding. There are only nearly 30 to 40 countries who get such scholarships so there is more probability to achieve Australian Awards Scholarships.

Benefits of Australian Award Scholarship

This scholarship help to graduate many talented students of developing countries form the most popular and world ranked universities. Except that there are many other benefits , some of them are described below:

-under this scholarship they proved full tuition to the selected candidates.

– Educational tour, educational seminar and many other extra educational activities annd academic program are free for selected students.

– Under this scholarship they will contribute to living expenses.

– Medicine and health expenses is free under this program.

– After getting Australian Award scholarship , if you need pre-course English that is also free for scholarship holders.

Eligibility for Australia Awards Scholarships

This scholarship program has many advantage and benefits so its has obviously has strong eligibility to get. Some of the most important eligibility that applicant must fulfill are described below:

– The applicant must be above the eighteen year old.

– Candidates form the participating countries of Australia only can apply for this scholarship.

– Candidate can not engage or marry with someone who is the permanent citizen of Australia and New Zealand.

– Candidate must not using or receiving any other kind of funding or scholarship from Australian Government.

– Candidate must fulfill the academic and language requirements for the admission.

– Candidate must fulfill the admission requirements of desired institutions.

– Candidate must eligible to hold a student VISA of Australian university.

If you are thinking to apply for this scholarship first try to meet the eligible criteria.

How To Apply For The Australia Awards Scholarship

if you are applying for Australia Awards Scholarship , follow the steps described below :

1. Stay In contact

To know the the information or notice about Australia Awards Scholarship you need to stay in contact with the agent or official site of Australian Awards Scholarship. You should know the date of application opening and closing. And the date of Application opening and closing is different for different countries. The form opening date for Nepal is First February to first march.

2. After that if you interested to apply for this scholarship ( Australia Awards Scholarship) you need to read the hand book about the scholarship policy. This hand book provide the information about scholarship program, university , life style , living expenses , general eligibility requirements, selection processes , entitlements and the responsibilities. You may download and read this handbook from the official website of Australia Awards scholarships.

3. Know the applying method for your country

For all most all countries there are online form or online applying process is available. To be sure you may refer to the country profile of participating country.

4. Apply Method

To apply for the Australia Awards scholarship go to the online Australian Scholarships Information system and there you need to answered the some general question to establish your eligibility. Then you need to submit your application , you need to fill the online form and upload the necessary documents with the application form before the deadline.

Like Australia Awards scholarships there are many other scholarships programs offered by government of Australia. If you can not meet the requirements eligibility or you are not selected for this scholarship , you may apply for many other scholarships programs, which are described on another posts.

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