How to Use Whatsapp On My laptop/Desktop

Unlike Viber or Line, WhatsApp does not have a dedicated app for Windows/Mac/Linux. But desktop users can make use of its Web based service.

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So here’s a quick guide which shows how easily you can use WhatsApp on your desktop. Since, its web based service and requires browser, this guide is applicable for all Windows, Mac as well as Linux users.

Using WhatsApp on Your Desktop

  • Open the browser on your desktop and go to WhatsApp’s web based service page
  • When the site opens, you’ll find QR code on your screen
  • Now open Whatsapp on your device, click the top right corner option
  • Now go to WhatsApp Web and automatically QR code scanner appears, which uses your camera
  • Scan the code on your desktop via your device placing it parallel to your monitor screen, fitting well to the QR code.
  • As soon as scanning finishes, you are signed in Whatsapp service.

Note: Your Mobile/tablet should be connected to internet service while using WhatsApp Web on your desktop.

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