How To Use Google Analytics in My WordPress

Google Analytics is a very useful tool for understanding your user’s need and analyzing your business perceptive. It helps you to visualize which section of your site are most people interested in, location of people where most traffic comes from, current active users in site and many more..

So, here is a quick guide about How to use Google Analytics in WordPress.

Getting the Tracking Code

  • Sign Up for Google Analytics in Google Analytics Page
  • Under Admin Section Create a new account
  • You will be ask to choose between Website and Mobile App
  • Fill up the forms with your Account Name, Website Name, Website URL and so on
  • After providing all the information Click Get Tracking Code
  • You will be now provided with the Tracking Code

Adding Google Analytics Tracking Code in WordPress

Check if your theme provides an option to enter footer scripts. Else you can manually edit footer.php of your WordPress theme and paste the Google Analytic code just before the </body> tag.

Also there’s another way to use google analytics in WordPress by installing plugin called, Insert Header and Footer, which adds the analytics code to your WordPress blog, without having you to do manual edits.

  • Install Insert Header and Footer plugin into your WordPress Site
  • Activate the plugin
  • Goto Settings > Insert Headers and Footers.
  • Paste the Tracking Code
  • Click on Save Settings

Congratulation! You are done. Now you can analyze your site details easily with Google Analytics.

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