Top 3 Effective Way To Lock Your Mac For Extra Security

You’re working on your Mac, and suddenly if you needed to attend something which needs your attention urgently. What do you do then, shutdown your Mac or lock its screen? I think you’d prefer locking your Mac’s screen so that nobody will be able to see the content you were working with.

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Well there are different ways to lock your Mac. Among them I’ll discuss the 3 effective ways. The best way of locking you Mac will be enabling password protected sleep feature.

So before we go through 3 different ways of locking the Mac, first we make sure that password protected sleep feature is enabled.

Setting up password protected sleep

In your Mac,

  • Open System Preferences
  • Go to Security & Privacy
  • While you’re in General tab, tick the Require password check box
  • Now select immediately from the drop down

Now that you have successfully enabled password protected sleep feature, next section will be getting familiar with 3 different effective ways of locking your Mac.

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1. Lock Your Mac With Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut is the best way of instructing your Mac to go to sleep. Hold down shift+control+power button, and your Mac will itself go to sleep.

2. Lock Your Mac Using Hot Corners Feature

Did you know that you can make your Mac do certain things when you move your mouse pointer to a particular screen corner. That means we can assign 4 different functions using the 4 corners of the screen.

And you can make your Mac to go to sleep when you move your mouse pointer to any particular screen corner. To achieve this,

  • Open System Preferences
  • Go to Mission Control
  • Click on Hot Corners from the bottom
  • In next window, using drop down, assign any screen corner with the task to put display to sleep
  • Click ok button

3. Lock Your Mac Via Keychain Access

You can also lock your Mac using the Keychain Access, which comes built-in with the system.

  • Go to Applications
  • Open Keychain Access
  • While you’re in Keychain Access app, from the menu bar visit its preferences
  • Tick Show keychain status in menu bar

After you select the check box, a small padlock icon appears in the menu bar. If you click on the padlock, you’ll be presented with various options including Lock Screen.


These are the 3 effective way in which you can lock your Mac and prevent access from unauthorized users. If you’re aware of any other way to achieve this, please feel free to leave a comment or your can tweet me on Twitter.

I hope this tutorial was useful. More tutorials are coming, stay updated with this blog via Facebook and Twitter.

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