How to Make Your Tweets Only Visible to Users You Approve

twitterWhen you first sign-up for a Twitter account, the default setting for your tweets is public. Every other Twitter users can view and interact with your tweet. But some users might not want to make their tweets visible to everyone, they might want to make their tweets only visible to users they approve.

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Here’s a quick guide to protect your tweets and make them visible to the users whom you approve.

Making Your Tweets Only Visible to Users You Approve

Using Web

  • Login to your Twitter account
  • Visit Security and privacy settings page
  • Under Tweet privacy, turn on the option Protect my Tweets
  • Scroll down the page, and hit save button
  • Enter your password to save the changes

Using Android App

  • Tap the overflow icon (three vertical dots)
  • Select Settings
  • Tap the account whose tweets you wish to protect
  • Scroll down and select Privacy
  • Check the box beside Protect my Tweets

Now on you’re tweets are only visible to your current followers and the people you approve in future.

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