How To Update Google Chrome In Desktop/Android

Chrome is an amazingly fast and free browser, from Google. I personally prefer using Chrome over Safari and Firefox, because of availability of thousands of plugins to choose from, easy to use developer options and the main plus point of using Chrome is that I get extra security from the search giant Google. Google automatically warns me when I try opening spam or infected websites. I rarely get this sort of security in other browsers, until I manually make use of antivirus plugins.

Well, All I want to say is that I love surfing web with Google Chrome, and I recommend you too to start using it, if you still haven’t. I bet you’ll not regret.

I was just playing around. If you weren’t using Google chrome as your browser, why would you have bothered reading this post. Okay, let’s get to the point here. This quick guide shows how you can update Google Chrome in your desktop or Android device.

How To Update Google Chrome in Laptop

While you’re in Windows or Mac, simply click on the stack icon (that says, Customize and control Google Chrome) besides URL bar, and visit Help and About > About Google Chrome.

In next windows, Chrome will automatically check for updates.

You can also directly visit this settings page by entering chrome://chrome/ in the URL bar.

Mac users can also update google chrome by visiting Chrome (from the menu bar) > About Google Chrome. This takes you to the same page where Chrome checks for updates availability.

How to Update Google Chrome On Android Devices

If you’ve installed Google Chrome on your Android device and want to update it to the latest version, you can do that using the play store.

Open Play Store app and make sure you’re logged in with your Gmail account. Tap on the menu (stack icon) to bring a list of options and select My apps. You can also slide your finger from left corner of the screen to bring this menu.

Now find Google Chrome from the updates available apps list. In the next window tap on UPDATE button and confirm your update decision.

Update will be automatically downloaded and installed on your Android device.

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