How to Embed a Facebook Post Into Your Website

Recently, a friend asked me if there’s an official method to show (he meant embed) a Facebook post in his WordPress blog. This might happen to most of the people; while going through your Facebook newsfeed, you come across an interesting post, and might want to share it on your blog.

Well, here’s a quick guide that shows how easily you can embed a Facebook post (status, photo, video) into your website instantly.

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But, the post which you’d like to embed in your website, must be Publicly shared.

Embedding a Facebook Post Into Your Website

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Click option (small down-arrow), from the top-right corner of post you’d like to embed
  • Select More options from available options
  • Click Embed Posts
  • Embed this Post window pops-up, copy the generated code and paste it into your website wherever you want the Facebook post to appear

Here’s an example of embedding Facebook post.

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