How to Delete My Google Account Activity/History

Google keeps an eye on your every single activities and also stores history of all the queries you make via your account. If you do not like Google storing your data, there’s an easy workaround to delete all your Web searches data, and data from other Google apps like YouTube, Google Now, Chrome, etc.

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So here’s quick guide that shows how you can delete all your activity/history from your google account.

How to Delete My Google Account Activity/History Using PC

  • Open your browser, visit Google, if your signed in to google account on your browser
  • Click Google App which is left to the Google notification on the top right corner and open My Account
  • Visit Personal info & Privacy and click Activity Control
  • In activity control, click Manage Activity
  • Delete your history by viewing your options as required

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How to Delete My Google Account Activity/History Using Android

  • Open Google Setting App
  • Tap Personal info and Privacy > Activity Control
  • Delete your activity by tapping into option you want

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