How to Connect to FTP Server Using Filezilla

When you are away from your PC, browser based file FTP client can be a best option for uploading files in your server. But this can be troublesome when you are transferring tons of files and folders and want a realtime updates/details about what’s going on, while the uploading process is active. In that case Filezilla can be a good alternative to browser based FTP client.

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Here is a quick guide which shows how easily you can use Filezilla to connect to FTP server and transfer files/folders between your local PC and server.

Connecting to FTP Server Using Filezilla

  • First download the Filezilla software
  • Access your username and password of your FTP server from Cpanel
  • Enter the username and password
  • Leave the port field blank unless it is specified (default is 21).
  • Click Quickconnect

Now you have access to your FTP server. You can make use of drag and drop functionality to transfer files and folders between your PC and the Server.

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