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USA is most developed , advanced and educated country in today’s world. USA is top leading country in the world . USA is rich in minerals resources.
USA is third largest country and has 50 states. It covers 3.8 million square miles. It is surrounded by North Atlantic Ocean and North Pacific Ocean. Washington DC is the capital city.
English is commonly spoken language. Immigrants bring new language in USA. Christianity is followed by majority of population . Other religions like Judaism and Muslim are also followed by few population.
USA is advanced industrialized country. Service, finance, advertising are major economic sources. Different inventors had invented different technology and made USA as most advanced country in science and technology.


At first, you should make a mind in which course you are applying. In which university that course is taught which you want to study. There is very difficult to find scholarship but you should apply for scholarship because the study expenses are very high in America which is not affordable for international students. In America there are many types and quality universities, some of them are very expensive and high standard, some are medium and some are third class. International students can’t offer first class university, it is possible only when you get the full scholarship, and otherwise you should choose the middle class affordable university. To get scholarship in American university your diploma or previous study should high class. you should get best score in IELTS or equivalent exam. You should pass English skill test examination scoring good marks. You have passport for applying visa. After choosing best course and university, when the university publishes the notice for new admission for the you can apply through online.

What documents are required for visa applying For Study In America

1. Completed and signed visa application form.

2. Certificates of Eligibility.

3. Students should registered their name in the Student and Exchange visitor information system .

4. Visa applicants should have an interview at the Embassy consular section

5. Valid passport

6. Recently taken one photo.

7. A MVR fee receipt for visa application form.

8. Transcripts and diplomas of their education level results.

9. Scores from standardized test such as TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT .

10. Financial evidence that support students can pay their tuition.

What things you must know before applying visa in USA ?

1. US is big country having area 3.8 million squares miles.

2. US has 50 states.

3. Americans are less friendly.

4. They have festival for everything.

5. In free time people prefer to play baseball.

6. American has different lifestyle.

7. Student can have full time job in university.

8. Students should take part in extracurricular activities.

9. Job can available in campus.

10. Not allowed to smoke in public place.

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