Study in Thailand – Application Procedure, University , Course And Cost

Complete information about application procedure, VISA processing, Requirements, popular and affordable universities and cost estimation to study in Thailand.


Thailand is the southeast Asian country. Its official name is Kingdom of Thailand. Thailand shares the border with Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Myanmar. The official language of Thailand is Thai.  It is one of the most populous nation in the world with 67 million of people. Its capital is Bangkok , which is largest name of city in the world (Krungthepmahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharatratchathaniburirom Udomratchaniwetmahasathan Amonphimanawatansathit Sakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit), which is one of the most visited city in the world. There are many reason beside the famous of Thailand. It is the home of world tallest statue. Thailand is only one country in the southeast Asia that never colonized by an Europe. Buddhism is the largest religion it Thailand , there are approximately 95 percentage of people are Buddhist .World largest and smallest mammal are found in one city that is Bangkok . Thailand is one of the unique nation in the world. One-tenth of the animal species on the earth are found in Thailand. It is the home of the largest and dangerous snakes found in the world. Ten percentage of world’s birds species are found is Thailand . Tiger Woods is the son of an American father and a Thai mother. Thailand is world’s largest production of tin. These are the reason why Thailand is famous.

Thailand is one of the most attractive destination for international students. Thailand in the place like no other in the world. Many student choose Thailand for international study because it is known as the land smile. This is the country with very diverse and open culture nation. In Thailand there are more than 80 public university and other many privet college and institution for higher level study . There are more than 400 programs in masters all most subject are taught in English targeting international students, because there are more than 20 thousands of foreign students. After graduation there are many job opportunities in multinational companies. Thailand has very diverse economy. So study abroad in Thailand is the adventurous opportunity because of their culture , studying environment, and affordable studying cost. Thailand offer many benefits and draws attracting international students.  As with others country education is extremely valuable and important in this country. Its government have aim to make their universities the forefront of science and technology.

Why Study In Thailand

    • Opportunity to explore the vibrant diverse of ecosystem which  cannot found anywhere else in the world.
    • You have opportunity to indulge the test of delicious and exciting food.


  • Opportunity to explore the animal life.
  • Thailand is known as the land of smile you may find may reason everywhere every moment to be happy.
  • Opportunity to learn and develop  other language like example Thai , Chinese and many more Asian language.
  • Opportunity for personal growth and also You will have opportunity to broaden your worldview.
  • Opportunity to study the international market very closely.
  • Experiment , practical based education and opportunity to get internship in famous multinational companies.
  • After graduation from Thai universities, high paid job are easily available.

Popular Course For Study In Thailand


The most popular course of arts New media production, art in English for careers, Communication English , Art in interaction design ,art in political science, art in  international relationship, art in international tourism and hotel management, art in media communication which are taught in English in Thai University.

Business Studies

Popular Business studies course in Thai Universities are Creative Advertising, Senior Executive Program (SEP),Consumer Behavior Insights,Human Resource Management (HRM), Strategic Human Resource Planning , Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign , Accounting ,Finance and  Marketing, Economics and Administration etc.

Engineering & Technology

Some of tho most popular Engineering course in Thailand are BE in nano technology, Be in mechanical engineering,BE in  automotive design and manufacture engineering, BE in information and communication engineering, BE in software engineering , BE in aerospace engineering

Humanities and Social Sciences

Anthropology, Area Studies, Literature, Sociology etc are the most popular course in Thai University.

Natural Sciences

Student prefer Thai university for the course Astronomy, Earth and Marine science, metallurgy, chemistry, physics, geography, environment science  in natural science.

Top University For Study In Thailand

1      Kasetsart University

It is located at Bangkok. Kasecsart University is the public university of Thailand. It is third oldest university in Thailand and first agriculture university in Thailand.IT was established on 1943 , Which is one of the most popular university in Thailand.

2Chulalongkorn University

Chulalongkorn University is pubilc and autonoumons research  university which is locatde on Bangkok. It was founded in 1917. In this university more than 40000 sutudents are study now.There are three percent international students.

3 Mahidol University

Mahidol University on of the most famous public university in Thailand which is located at Kokhon Pathom, It is establish on 1888 and now it is known as university of medical science. It is ranked as the first university in thailand.

Chiang Mai University

It is public research university in Thailand which is located on Chiang Mai and founded on 1964 .The main course in this university is medical science , engineering , agriculture etc.

5 Khon Kaen University Khon Kaen
KHon Kaen University is public research university. Which is located on KHON Kaen of Thailand. It is the oldest and the largest university in the northeastern in Thailand.

Cost Estimation For Study In Thailand

Tuition fees may vary on different universities and different programs in Thailand. Tuition fees at -public universities  may approximately between 15,000 and 300,000 Baht per semester. Tuition fees at private universities may comes arounnd 2,500-4,500 Baht per credit hour.
Cost of living in Thailand is cheaper than other countrye. International students who want to study in Thailand will need a budget of approximately 15,000-20,000 Baht (US $420 – 560) per month for accommodation, food and transportation Prices may vary depending on the location where you live.