Study In Germany – Free , How To Apply, VISA Processing

Germany is the one of the most developed , industrialized  and populous country of Europe . Germany is forward in technical and commercial field. There is very good environment to live so the life expectancy of Germany is 78 to 83 years.  Germany is unique nation in the World .  Unique students want to go Germany for study  so that they can learn more than other student. Germany is bordered with nine different countries .There is variation on culture and language . Who want to study in Germany  they have opportunity to understand and learn different language and culture. And the capital of  Berlin has more bridge more than Venice . In Germany college  education and tuition  fee is free even for international students . One of the most famous car company is in Germany . Germany government provide job for all citizen .  Germany has high level of employment . There is legal to do part time job while studying . So must of the international students want to study in Germany.  Germany has many facilities , unique things  and world records to attract international students so many students from all around the world heading towards the Germany.  Students prefer Germany for PHD than master degree. Free education is the best opportunity for international student in Germany .

Best universities to study in Germany

  • Technische Universität  München
  • Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Kit, Karlsruher Institut Für Technologie
  • Freie Universität Berlin

It is very difficult to get admission in Germany’s University .  you should pass the university ‘s entrance exam with better marks.

How to apply for study in Germany

If you decide to study in abroad and  also decide to go German than its time to choose the best university and apply . To apply university you may direct contact with university or institution through online or you may apply through the consultancy .

Documents Required to Study in Germany

  • Certificate to verify that you complete you previous study level.
  • Certificate to verify your qualification.
  • Certificate of property valuation.
  • Medical report to prove that you are physically and mentally healthy.
  • Certificate of language proficiency .
  • Police report certificate to verify that you have not involve in any crime before.
  • Original copy of valid passport.
  • Germany skill .

Probable cause of rejection:

  • Low % in secondary level or previous level study.
  • Low score in language exam.
  • Year loss or year gap after graduation.
  • Abnormal physical and mental condition.
  • can not able to  submit required documents.

If you are selected, University sent you an offer letter including course content, agreement, terms and conditions.
If you are happy with these arguments then accept offer and send them email then they will send another letter describing syllabus.
After some week of your conformation  you will receive visa.

Apply For PR

After graduation you can apply for German PR . For PR you should fulfill following requirements

  • You should graduate from German university .
  • You should have at least 18 months of job experience.
  • You should have German skill.
  • Copy of valid password.
  • Certificate of health insurance.

This is the general information about international students who want to study in Germany. For the more information about VISA processing, documentation, cost estimation or many more, please study in contact with us.

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