DAAD Scholarship In Germany


DAAD Scholarship In Germany for master’s and doctoral degree 


DAAD ( German Academic Exchange Service) offers the vibrant range of scholarships program for the students from all around the world at numerous university and institutions in Germany. The DAAD scholarship is hosted by the different kind of German university. This program offers the scholarship for vibrant range of postgraduate courses which are taught in German university. Behind this program there may be different kind of logic and they may have different aim, but the main aim of this scholarship program is to providing free education for excellent and brilliant students from developing countries and produce skillful and professional manpower for further development. They provide the development related postgraduate course. This program also support financially for international students of graduates level, doctoral students and young and early stage researcher.

Under this scholarship program German universities offer the scholarships for:

– Master’s or PhD course in Economic science
– Master’s or PhD course in Business Administration
– Master’s or PhD course in Political Economics
– Master’s or PhD course in Development Corporation
– Master’s or PhD course in Engineering and related science
– Master’s or PhD course in Mathematics
– Master’s or PhD course in Regional and Urban planning
– Master’s or PhD course in Agricultural and Forest science
– Master’s or PhD course in Natural and Environmental Science
– master’s or PhD course in Medicine and Public health
– Master’s or PhD course in Social science
– Master’s or PhD course in Education.
– Master’s or PhD course in Law
– Master’s or PhD course in media Studies

Scholarship for Mobility with Disability

DAAD scholarship program offer the opportunities for the students and researchers with disabilities or chronic illness to encourage them. To provide the equal opportunities for the disabled or chronically ill scholarship candidates , the DAAD can cover spend more than 10,000 euros in additional cost. But DAAD does not offer the special scholarship to disabled student or researcher. Like everyone else, disabled student have to apply to one of the regular funding programs offered by the DAAD. After submission of application , selection committee reviewed your application choose the applicant, and the wards scholarships based on professional criteria. One of the most important criteria that candidate should meet is qualification.

Benefits of DAAD Scholarship

-The DAAD scholarship include monthly payments of 750 euros for graduates level.
– The DAAD scholarship include monthly payments of 1000 euros for doctoral level candidates.
– They proved health insurance.
– They proved personal liability insurance.
– They offer travel allowance.
– This include six month German language course.
This scholarship is for one years to two years , its depends upon the institutions and university of German. The PhD course is duration of three years.

Eligibility for DAAD scholarship

– A applicant must hold the bachelor degree in related course.
– Applicant must complete the academic degree with far above average results.
– Applicant must have ideally at least two years of related professional experience after bachelor degree.
– Applicant’s academic degree should normally not be more than six years old.
– Applicant should have more than six in IELTS band score.

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