General Information About France

France  national identity was historically origins by Celtic, Gallo-Roman and Frankish culture .It is homogeneous nation . Mass education awareness on  political and linguistic unification. Immigrant population of France is from Portugal ,northern Africa and eastern Europe .Population division on the basis of social class, political party , affiliation , generation , ethnicity and region. if you are going to France first time then you need to have enough information about France. Some of the key points before visiting France are described below:


Total area of France is 200,000 square miles. It is western European  country and covers 5% of Europe area . Paris is it’s capital city .  It is opened to Atlatic to the west. It has coasts in Mediterranean sea to the south and English Channel to the north. It has large area and has variation in climate. The mountain range are Alps in east and Pyrenees in the southwest .


France population mostly or around 88%  used their official language . German dialets is spoken by 3% population . People in northeast spoke Flemish. Italian is spoken by Italian border people. Baque is spoken by Spanish border.


Only 3% of population is involved in agriculure. Wheat is major agricultural product. Bussiness and shops in city streets are main income source of urban people. The leading industries of France are metallurgy, aeronautics, electronics, mining and textiles. The Goverment control various industrial sectors. Tourism is growing as income source. National economy are food processing and agribussiness.


State provide education in early childhood. Children start going school at the age of three. Ministry of Education and Research controlled all educational activities of nation. The education level are primary school, secondary school, college and university. About 10% students are foreign , education has partnership between Frence universities and other European universities.


Upper and lower are two classes. Usually upper class people are lived in urban area and lower class in rural area. Urban upper class is named as bourgeoisie. Their hopes are music, art,food,purchase fine wines and dressing. Not only wealth is taken as class .But family connection and life style are position and opportunities of people. Major source of debate is on issue of social mobility and different people social origin.


France is declared as secular nation . Secular doesn’t meant that there is no religion .But it meant that country equally respect all religion. 80% belongs to Roman Catholic. Second religion is Islam . Other religions are Protestants Jews, Orthodox Christians and few Buddhist. Religious practices has been minimized after fifteen centuries. Now less than 10% people are involved in religious practices.


Marriage is done accordingly socioeconomic class and region. The rate of marriage is decreasing and the age of marriage is increasing . The age of male is twenty nine and female is twenty seven to get married . Mainly, marriage partner are from same department.The payment of wedding ceremony is divided equally between families of bride and groom. Divorce rate is increasing.


The national pride is wine and cheese. They have three meals ; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast include bread, cereal, yoghurt, coffee and hot chocolate. Meals starts with soup followed by vegetable, meat dish, salad, cheese and dessert . Wine is commonly taken in meal. Child starts drinking wine at early teen age, drinking wine diluted with water.

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