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Study MBA in Canada For International Students

Study MBA in Canada is one of the best option for the international students who are looking for world class education on affordable cost. Canadian universities are not only famous for MBA but also for most of undergraduate and post graduate degrees including engineering, Medicine, nursing, finance and economics. Canada parallel the US in terms of academic field still the study cost is one – fourth than that of US. Canadian universities are looking for talented international students from all around the world. Canada has two national languages English and French. Some of the MBA course are also conduct in French but must of the courses are taught in English language.

Why study MBA in Canada

While studying in Canada you can expect a high standard of living. Canada is the country that respects diversity, so irrespective of your ethnicity, academic environment and you can feel at home in Canada.

For the students, medical insurance in usually covered by the government. There is life outside the campus as well with a lot of activities in and you can explore a lot of places around as well .

After completing your MBA you will qualify to work in Canada under post graduation work permit program. After working under PGWPP, you will have work experiences which may helps in qualifying for permanent residence in Canada.

An Master in Business Administration in Canada can offer students with top-notch education creating graduates extremely wanted in the competitive business job market. Master in Business Administration Canada programs area unit usually increased by internships, international exchanges, skilled certifications, and specialization areas. additionally to core business work, students following associate Master in Business Administration in Canada can specialise in leadership and management, company social responsibility, property innovation, and international business.

Eligibility To Study MBA in Canada

Academic Requirements

To get admission at Canadian Business school you must have complete your 16 years of undergraduate education including four yeas of education after high school.

You will not be eligible for admission to most of programs if you have a 3 years degree from New Zealand, Australian, Indian or Nepali university. You must have four years of degree like BBA, BCA, BI, BE or any courses.

If you have complete a three years degree program like BA, Bcom, Bsc then you will only eligible to do post graduate degree like Msc, MA or Mcom. After completing these degree you may eligible to join MBA in Canadian Business school.

Admission to Canadian university for MBA is extremely competitive. Canadian universities require a minimum GPA of 3.0 to 3.5 or more than 70 % in average for admission to the MBA program.

Study MBA in Canada without Work Experience

You must have minimum two to three years of work experiences for the admission to the MBA program at Canadian Business School. Some institutions or universities may accept you without any work experience but the preferences will be given to the candidates who has work experience.

Study MBA in Canada Without GMAT

GMAT is one of the most essential requirement for most MBA programs in Canadian Business school. GMAT is also one of the most important criteria for the admissions. If you have dreamed about study MBA in Canada or Canadian business school, you must score high in GMAT exam.

GMAT is required for international students not just for admission to university but also for the student visa. If you do not take the GMAT, your chances of getting a student visa will less. Even if you have an admission from a university or academic institutions. If you have not taken the GMAT, the visa officer assume that you are not serious.

Study MBA in Canada without TOEFL, is Possible?

TOEFL is one of the most essential requirement for the admission to almost all MBA programs in Canada. If you have studies in English medium TOEFL is fairly simple exam. Most of the universities accept minimum range of score from 550 to 600 on the paper based TOEFL and 213 to 250 on computer Based TOEFL.

MBA programs in Canada

full time MBA program:

Full time MBA course is 20 months course containing sixteen month of rigorous academic study and four month 4 month of internship or summer elective course. First year focus on the core courses but in second year you can choose to specialize in the area of your interest by choosing an MBA major.

Joint MBA programs

Canadian universities provide you vibrant range of opportunity where you can combine pharmacy, law and global affairs, education in engineering along with an MBA.

Part-time MBA

This MBA will take 32 month of duration to complete your course while continuing with your professional commitments. For this you will have two option either a morning MBA or evening MBA. For morning MBA you will have to devote two hours before work, similarly for evening MBA you’re required to put in two hours after work twice a week.

Executive MBA

Executive MBA will take 13 months of duration to complete your degree with four terms, each of which has a week-long on campus residential session. Weekend classes will held twice a month on fridays and saturady but this programs is meant for senior professionals with at least 8 years of work experiences.

How Much Does it Cost to study MBA in Canada

Study Cost

Study price for Canadian MBA programs is also varies between different universitiy however fee for the international students can typically higher. on the average study fees for international students could up to double the schooling fees rate of the equivalent domestic students. additionally know that Canada is the reputed destination for international students that causes the extension of the international fees for its MBA. Fees for international students is higher however still it’s not up to study abroad destinations and may vary depends on your choose university. Statistics Canada puts the typical postgraduate tuition fees CA$16,252 per annum that is almost up to US$13,250. however the manager master’s degree programs square measure usually the foremost high-priced, about CA$53,000 that is sort of up to US$43,000, whereas regular master’s degree value is CA$30,000 on the average.

Health Insurance for International Students

In Canada, insurance is compulsory for international students. Some Canadian Provinces could cowl underneath their traditional public health care plans. Most of the university would force you to get specific international students insurance. the whole value of international students insurance is sort of up to CA$600.

Living value In North American country

Canadian students visa needs says you mast have a minimum of CA$10,000 on high of your tuition fees however you’ll seemingly have to be compelled to budget rather more than this for your living expenses. Your living value could vary depends on your location and defrayal habits and bear in mind that enormous cities square measure usually dearer to measure in. in keeping with completely different university’s record the living value whereas learning masters in Canadian university comes around CAS fifteen,000 to 16,000 per years. Living value usually embrace housing, food, accommodation, books and course provides, phone value and miscellaneous expenses.

Student Visa and Application Fees

To study in Canada you need to have Canadian study permit, which serves as a student visa for the period of your study. If your course or study program is less than six month you are doing not want Canadian study allow. Applying for study permit value could about CA$ one hundred fifty. Fees to use to Canadian university could vary and depends on the university and your country origin. for instance the university of British Columbia charges CA$68 for Canadian students, CA$114 for international students and free for the scholars from developing countries. Therefor study masters degree in Canada is one among the foremost helpful chance for the scholars from developing countries.

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