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Masters Degree or Postgraduate Degree

A Master is a sophisticated degree provided by universities around the world for completion of graduate study under a specific discipline. Masters degree programs generally take one or two years to complete and further prepare graduates for a career in their chosen field. getting a Masters degree offers various skilled, personal and educational edges to students who have graduated from a Bachelor program.Masters degrees can be undertake across numerous fields of study, including the humanities, Business, Engineering and Technology, Law, Humanities, Social Sciences, Biological and Life Sciences, and therefore the Natural Sciences. among every of these fields of study, various sensible specializations are offered among explicit disciplines variety of various Master programs may be overwhelming.Masters degrees commonly known as grad programs or grand school and generally called MA or ( masters of Arts ), Msc ( masters of science), MBA ( masters of Business administration), ME ( Masters in Engineering). The title MA tends to be for the arts, humanities and social science, while ME is for different types of engineering ( like Civil, Computer, Electrical, Software, Electronic and communication, Mechanical, Geometrical etc) . Similarly Msc tends to be for the life science and chemistry. In this post you may Explore the more information about Study Masters Degree In Canada including best universities, best courses, cost estimation, VISA processing, application procedure and many more.

Types of Masters Degrees

Undergraduate degrees are generally provided through taught classes but postgraduate degrees may be two types : taught programs and research programs.

Taught postgraduate degree programs are like undergraduate degree programs. In this course you need to complete a series of modules following a set timetable of seminars, lectures and other extra activities. Academic responsible for your course will lead you through it. You need to be more responsible for studying independently in your free time.

Research postgraduate degree programs are much more independents. In this course you would not have any timetable units. But you need to focus on more extended projects. You may receive supports and guidance from experts or supervisor but the focus of your program will be on your own research work.

Study Masters Degree in Canada

Canada pride itself on being a historically multicultural country, welcoming thousandths of international students every years from around the world. Canada is not only famous by its popular neighbors country but is is one of the world’s top study abroad destination. Studying masters in Canada means obtaining a worldwide acceptable certificate from some of North American most popular universities. In Canada or Canadian universities, masters degrees are generally 12-month in duration. In additional lectures and tutorials, your program is likely to include interactive teaching ( includes site visits, project, group work and placements). Most of the Canadian masters degree will include dissertation or thesis. Sometimes thesis will replaced by a consultancy project. Academic years tends to run from September each year. But some private universities and academic institutions may have different commence dates for their masters programs.

Why Study Masters Degree in Canada

Canadian education system is one of the most famed prestigious education system in western world, with numerous renowned research universities and vibrant range of specialized institutions. Nowadays Canada become one of the most popular destination for international students to undertake varieties of master degree. More than one lakh international students study masters degree in Canada or Canadian universities. Most of the Canadian masters degree courses are taught in English Language but some universities in Quebec Region also offers a large numbers of courses in French Language. Canadian governments invest huge budget on academic sector therefor Canadian universities provide quality education and provide vibrant range of scholarships for national as well as international students. Canadian government want to renowned Canada as the top study destination for international students. To attract more international students from developing country they provide more beneficial scholarships for these students. Canadian government gives the work permit for the international students undertaking degree which may financially help your family. As well as after graduation you will have rights to apply for work in Canada.

Cost Estimation to Study Master Degree in Canada

Study Cost

Study cost for Canadian masters degree programs may be varies between different programs but fee for the international students will usually higher. On average study fees for international students may up to twice the tuition fees rate of the equivalent domestic students. As well know that Canada is the top destination for international students which causes the extension of the international fees for its degree programs. Fees for international students is higher but still it is lower than study abroad destinations and also vary depends on your degree programs. Statistics Canada puts the average postgraduate tuition fees CA$16,252 per year which is nearly equal to US$13,250. But the executive MBA programs are generally the most expensive, approximately CA$53,000 which is nearly equal to US$43,000, while regular MBA cost is CA$30,000 on average.

Health Insurance for International Students

In Canada, Health insurance is compulsory for international students. Some Canadian Provinces may cover under their normal public health care plans. Most of the university will require you to purchase specific international students health insurance. The total cost of international students health insurance is nearly equal to CA$600.

Living Cost In Canada

Canadian students visa requirements says you mast have at least CA$10,000 on top of your tuition fees but you will likely need to budget much more than this for your living expenses. Your living cost may vary depends on your location and spending habits and remember that large cities are generally more expensive to live in. According to different university’s record the living cost while studying masters in Canadian university comes around CAS 15,000 to 16,000 per years. Living cost generally include housing, food, accommodation, books and course supplies, phone cost and miscellaneous expenses.

Student Visa and Application Fees

To study in Canada you must have Canadian study Permit, which serves as a student visa for the duration of your study. If your course or study program is less than six month you do not need Canadian study permit. Applying for study permit cost may approximately CA$ 150. Fees to apply to Canadian university may vary and depends on the university and your country origin. For example the university of British Columbia charges CA$68 for Canadian students, CA$114 for international students and free for the students from developing countries. Therefor study masters degree in Canada is one of the most beneficial opportunity for the students from developing countries.

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