Study In Canada – VISA Procedure, University, Course And Cost


Canada is the north American country, geographically located above the USA. Canada is one of the most famous attractive destination for the international tourist. The Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Toronto Zoo, Glacier National Park, Banff National Park, Canadian Rockies is some of famous tourist attractions places of Canada.

According to world health organization Canada place the third place in clean air in the world. Canada is beautiful country as well as there is better environment to live. This country is popular for visiting , best environment to live , affordable for studying . Canada is best in health care and medical treatment.

The culture and life style of Canada attract the youth most. There is different and life style than rest of world. Canada is famous for production of different types of candy and chocolate. Canadian people are known as hilarious in the world . And in Canada marijuana is legal .

Study In Canada

It is One of the most popular and attractive destination for international student. Foreign student want to go there not only for study but also they want to stay there after graduation . Canada is developed nation it is forward in technology and communication.

There are two official language in Canada, French and English. English language is international language which makes easy to communicate international students with Canadians. As well as you will have opportunity to learn international language easily and will be expert in English language, which is very important in the business world.

The rewards in Canada is big and studying cost is very small and there is scholarship opportunities for international students. While studying in Canada you gain more experiences than other county. Canada is big country but cost is very low as compare to other European countries. You can study there on low cost in internationally renowned universities. There are high ranked university and institutions . Canada is international forefront of informational technology and computer science . The popular course in Canada are engineering , telecommunication, biotechnology, Nursing environment science etc. Canada is the country is with high employment rate . After graduation there is no worried of job . These university have big link with commercial company . So students have opportunities for internship and practical .If you have get to opportunity to admit to Canadian University you will gain practical knowledge and experience, which make you forward than normal students/people.

Why Study In Canada

Most of the students form Asia, Europe and Africa has dreams to study in Canada, there may vibrant reason – but some of the main common reason of selecting Canada for study may be following.

  1. Renowned country as the best study destination.
  2. Excellent facilities laboratory for practical and experiment.
  3. Experiment based learning .
  4. Highly skilled and world leader professor in respective field.
  5. After graduation large number of highly paid job are readily available .
  6. High quality education at affordable rate cost.
  7. Certificate from these university is globally recognized.
  8. Highly safe and perfect environment for study.
  9. English language is main communication  language in this country.
  10. High culture diversity.

Popular Course In Canada

Canadian universities offers most of the courses in different universities. But most attractive and popular courses of Canada are listed below.

  • Information Technology
  • Engineering.
  • Business Management.
  • Hospitality Management.
  • Pharmacy Technology.

Top University In Canada

There may hundreds of universities and academic institutions in Canada. All the universities and academic institutions may provide same courses but you must select affordable and reputed university, so that you will have extra experiences, you may have practical knowledge as well as will easily find the highly paid job in globally recognized company.

  • McGill University
  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Alberta
  • Université de Montréal
  • McMaster University
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Calgary
  • Queeen’s University
  • Western University


How to apply for study in Canada

You can apply Canada for study through online . first of all find the best and affordable university or institution and their website then submit the online form with require documents . Or you may go through the consultancy. Apply for the study permit before you arrive the Canada . You are not allowed to change your course without living the country.

Required Documents to study in Canada

  • Certificate of your previous study level.
  • Certificate to verify your qualification.
  • Certificate of property valuation.
  • Medical report to prove that you are physically and mentally healthy.
  • Certificate of language proficiency.
  • Police report certificate to verify that you have not involve in any crime before.
  • Original copy of valid passport.
  • Original Photocopy of citizenship.
    Two recent passport-size photos.

Probable cause of rejection:

  • Low % in secondary level or previous level study.
  • Low score in TOEFL or equivalent test exam.
  • Year loss or year gap after graduation.
  • Abnormal physical and mental condition.

If you are selected, University sent you an offer letter including course content, agreement, terms and conditions.
If you are happy with these arguments then accept offer and send them email then they will send another letter describing syllabus, admission fee and tuition fee.
After payment you will receive visa.

After your graduation you are allow to live in Canada . If you want to stay there  you can apply for permanent residency.

Requirements for permanent residency.

  • You should submit the proof that you  have graduated from there.
  • Evidence that you have been  working or employed in Canada.
  • You should able to do  any job or business.
  • You should pass in test taken by government for PR .

Cost Estimation To Study in Canada

  1. ELTS class and exam fee 2200 UND.
  2. Diploma course one year 10000 UND.
  3. Living expenses one year 7000UND.
  4. Air fare 750UND.
  5. Visa cost 100UND.
  6. Approximate Total 15000 UND to 300000 UND.

Based on the above factor the cost of stud in Canada is approximately 15000UND to 30000UND annually to cover up  the tuition fee and living expanse .
This is the basic information about study in Canada. for more information about documentation, VISA procedure, requirements, popular and affordable universities in abroad, cost estimation and everything else you need to know, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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