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Canada is one of the most attractive destination for international students for undergraduate level, graduate level and post graduate level. Master degree and doctoral degree of Canada is world class.  In Canada education is high quality and there are many scholarship programs for national and international student, which introduce the Canada as study home of the world. Canadian scholarship may supports financially but scholarship only is not enough to study in Canada. There are many scholarship programs in Canada it may offered by Canadian government, it may offered by Canadian university or many other organization. Type of scholarships and financial support may varies from one university to another university, one course to another course and one level to another level. They provide scholarships for vibrant field of students including health science, engineering, management, business administration, humanities, arts, economics and many more.There may different types of scholarship for international students, choose the best program and best university for your better future and apply to study in Canada. Some of the most famous scholarship in Canada are discussed below.

1.       Scholarships Offered by Canadian Government

There are many types of scholarships which are offered by Canadian government , some of the are discussed below:

        Banting  Post-doctoral Fellowships

It is one of the scholarship program which is offered by Canadian government to all international students for postgraduate students in the field of natural science , health science and health science.

         Graduate Scholarships

This scholarship is only for Canadian students. International students can not apply for this scholarship. This scholarship is for master’s degree level and PHD level students.


One of the best scholarship program offered by Canadian government is this scholarship program.  This scholarship mainly targets the international students from developing countries.  This scholarship is only available for master and doctoral level research degree.

         NSERC scholarships

This scholarship is for post graduate level students on the field of natural science and engineering at recognized Canadian university.

          OAS (organization of American states ) academic scholarships program

This scholarship is offered for those students who are graduate from OAS member state university

       Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship program

Such scholarship is available for all international students who study in Canada in doctoral level degree.

2.       Non-governmental scholarships to study in Canada

Some of the most famous non-governmental scholarships program ace discussed below:
          Anne Vallee Ecological Fund
This scholarship program is for those international students who want study master doctoral level on animal research course at accredited Canadian university in Quebec or British Columbia.
          Trudeau Scholarship and Fellowships
Under this program they provide numerous scholarships, fellowships and mentorships to international students undertaking the doctoral level in Canada.

3.       Scholarships offered by Canadian university

          Carleton University Awards for International student – All international students who studying in graduate level in Carleton university can apply for this scholarship.

          Concordia University International undergraduate Awards – This university offers the scholarships for international students of undergraduate level  to study in Canada at Concordia university in Montreal.

          Dalhousie University Scholarships.

          Fairleigh Dickinson Scholarships for international students.

          HEC Montreal BBA Entrance scholarship.

           International students Scholarships at Humber College Canada.

          McGill University scholarships and students Aid.

          Queen’s University international scholarships.

          UBC international Leader of tomorrow Award.

          UBC graduate scholarships.

          University of Alberta international scholarships.

          University of Calgary international scholarships.

          University of Manitoba graduate fellowships.

          University of Saskatchewan international student awards.

          University of Toronto Ontario graduate scholarship.

          University of waterloo international funding.

          Simon Fraser university financial aid and awards.


How to get scholarships in Canada

Getting scholarships in Canada is very competitive. There are limited scholarships , grants and funding for international students. But scholarship are available for all education level. Here are some idea to get scholarship in Canada :

1.       Start form home country

     You need to explore and learn first about scholarships and funding possibilities in your      own country. Form developing nation, government send many students abroad for        study, every year.  You need to having contact with department of education in your          country.

2.       Direct contact with university

Find the university and learn about available scholarship in Canada and then choose one of the best and apply.

3.       Documentation

You document may also help to get scholarship in international university. You need to apply with the proof that you are financially poor and you are most interested to study in Canadian university or institutions. Your previous level certificate performance also may affect to get scholarships.

4.       Find the scholarship provider organization

In Canada are many non-government and government organization who offers the scholarships for developing nation’s students. Every year they offer scholarships. Stay in contact with such organization and as soon as they offer scholarships and publish to notice to apply , apply and get the scholarships.
This is the basic information about available scholarship in Canada. for more details of scholarships, applying procedure, university information, course, cost estimation and everything else you want to know about abroad study please stay in touch with us.

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