How to Apply for Canada – Student and Working Visa

This is a complete guide about applying for Canadian Student VISA, Working VISA, Visiting and Dependent VISA. This guide also includes, application procedures for universities, migration and VISA processing requirements, documentation, cost estimation for each type of Canadian VISA.

Why Canada?

Canada is a developed, North American country. That’s why Canada is one of the most popular destination for international students, visitor and workers looking for career opportunities. According to WHO Canada has the third most healthiest air among all countries. If you’re planning to move to Canada, you have made a great decision. Read this article carefully to learn everything you need to know before applying a VISA.

There are different ways to apply for Canada; it mostly depends on the purpose of your visit. If you are traveling to Canada for a vacation, VISA application will be extremely easy and a short process. If you are applying for a Canadian Working VISA or Student VISA then the whole process may take a while to complete.

1. Application Procedure for Canadian Student VISA

a. Pick a University or Institution

Canada is one of the best abroad study destinations in the world. There are some really good universities that you might to apply for. Although you can easily apply for any university of your choice, some universities might be harder to get accepted to than others. After you get accepted by any Canadian university, they will sent you an acceptance letter which you can attach with your VISA application, and submit to the nearest office of the Embassy of Canada.

b. Apply for Student VISA

As soon as you get the acceptance letter form the Canadian university or institution then its time for next step. While applying for a Student VISA you need to fill up an online form through the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. If you are not able to apply online for some reason, you can apply for visa on paper. You need to provide an acceptance letter from a designated institution which is recognized by the Canadian government. You need to provide a proof of sufficient financial resources to pay for your travel, stay and study expenses.

c. Documents Required to apply for Student VISA

  1. Complete application form
  2. Original copy of acceptance letter provided by recognized Canadian university
  3. Valid passport and travel documents to allow you to return to your home country
  4. Two recent passport photos [Make your Canadian VISA Photo for free]
  5. Proof of financial abundance, which can assure that you can study in Canadian University and can pay more than 833 CAD per month as studying expenses
  6. A letter of explanation why you are applying for Canadian university
  7. Proof that you had paid the study permit fee

Certificate of your language proficiency is not included as the required documents for Canadian student visa but it is a good idea to take an english language proficiency test. Unless your are form English speaking country you need to submit the certificate of english language proficiency. They accept the scores of  IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge English.

2. Application Procedure for Canadian Working VISA

More than 300,000 foreign workers goes to Canada on temporary work permit. To work in Canada every foreign workers needs work permit in Canada. So, there are several steps to get work permit, some important steps are describe below:

a. Apply for a Job

To get work permit in Canada you need a company who hires you. They need to prepare documents to satisfy the Labour Market Impact Assessment of Canada. They made LMIA assure that no Canadian citizen becomes jobless when a foreign worker enters Canada to work.

b. Get Hired and Obtain your Job Offer Letter

When the LMIA is granted then Canadian Company provide you a job offer. They will send a copy of the LMIA along with a detailed job offer letter to you.

c. Apply for Working VISA

When you have your job offer, you can go to the embassy with these documents and can apply for ESDc for Canada for temporary work permit. As soon as VISA application is accepted and your company sends you an air ticket, you can prepare your packing list.

3. Temporary Visiting Visa for Canada

More than 35 million travelers enter Canada every year as tourists. Except Canadian permanent residents and Canadian citizen, all other require the permission to enter in Canada as a visitor. For that permission Temporary Resident Visa or electronic Travel Authorization is required. A temporary VISA is easily granted to tourists after a proper application is submitted to the embassy.

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