How To Apply Canada From Nepal

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Complete guide for how to apply Canada from Nepal which include, application procedure, VISA processing, Requirements, documentation, cost estimation.


Canada is one of the most developed and world leading north American country. This country leading the world in the field of business , science and technology. Canada is not only developed country it is also one of the most beautiful country in the world. According to world health organization Canada occupy the third place in the cleanest air in the world. After United state of America and Australia Canada is most popular and attractive destination for Nepali students. Because of the more facilities in the Canadian university, world recognized degree from these university, after the graduation from these university highly paid jobs are easily available in Canada as well as other American and European countries more Nepali students are attracted towards Canada. After graduation income in Canadian company is comparatively higher than other countries. Canadian government and Canadian university offers large numbers full and partial scholarships program to attract students from developing countries. Canada is one of the most popular destination for the science and technology, health science and nursing, Information technology, Business Management, Accounting etc. Canadian universities are more affordable than other European countries as well as the living and traveling expenses in Canada is Comparatively less than other countries. So Canada become the most attractive destination for Nepali students. It does not means that there is no students come form developed countries. Canada is best destination for study for the students of every country. They offers scholarships for all international students but they focus on the students of developing countries.

How To Apply Canada From Nepal

The processing steps and documentation for applying Canadian Student visa may several. It varies for which course are you applying , for which university are you applying and depends on the terms and conditions of university or educational institutions. But some of the most common processing steps are described below:

Find and select the university and course

Before you applying for students visa you need to find the education provider in Canada. In Canada there are different types and different quality education providers or university. Most of the privet university of Canada are more expensive that can not afford by Nepali students. If you are financially weak you may choose the university who provide scholarship. More scholarship programs are available in Government university. If you can not able to get scholarship, fee in this university is very law ( affordable to Nepali Students) . To find the best university read the information about all Canadian university and compare the university and apply to one which is best.

How To Apply University

To apply in university you need to stay in contact with chosen university. As soon as the notice publish you need to apply to that university with necessary documents. With that admission open notice there will be more information about admission process, documents required, and general information about university or institutions.

You need to submit all the required documents required for the admission in Canadian university with the application form. Incomplete form cause rejection. And there is no another chance to submit additional documents when you submitted once.

After examine your documents, admission section of college decide either select or reject you. If you are being selected you will receive the acceptance letter with the university. In this letter there will be rule , regulation, term and condition about the university. In this letter there will be another important documents which is necessary to apply for student visa Canadian government.

How To Apply Canada form Nepal For Student Visa

As soon as you receive the acceptance letter from Canadian university then its time progress. In this step you may apply online for student visa to Canadian government or you may go through the Canadian embassy. After receiving acceptance letter form Canadian university it is almost sure that you would get the student visa form government of Canada.

Documents Required To Apply Canada From Nepal

1. Complete and original copy of application form to.

2. The original copy of acceptance letter provided by the recognized university or educational institution.

3. A original copy of valid password and original copy of traveling documents.

4. Two recent password – size photography.

5. Financial documents which can assure the Canadian university that you can offered the Canadian university or institutions.

6. A Letter of explanation. In this letter you need to explain the reason why you choose Canadian university and your personal information.

7. Proof that you had paid the study permit fee to government of Canada.

Certificate of language proficiency in not include as the required documents for the Canadian student visa but you need to show the certificate of language proficiency. Unless you are form english speaking country you need to submit the certificate of language proficiency. IELTS , Cambridge English and TOEFL language test are acceptable.

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