Before Study In Australia – General Information About Australia

 Australia is rich in biodiversity. It has unique geography. It lies in southern hemisphere. Its culture is influenced by western culture. It is best place for tourism . This guide is for before visiting Australia or before study in Australia.


Australia is island continent lying in southern hemisphere. It is between Antarctica and Asia. It is surrounded by Indian ocean to the west, Pacific Ocean to the east, Timor Arafura and Coral sea to the north, Tasman sea and Southern ocean to the south. It has six states and two territories. It covers 7.692 million .The capital of Australia is Canberra. Climate is just opposite than that of northern hemisphere.


Australia has no official language. It is multilingual country. English is spoken all round the country. Australian English language is differ from British and American. There are some twelve major community language. About 80% spoke English, Mandarian- 1.7% , Italian -1.5% , Arabic-1.4% . About 0.25% has indigenous language. There are some factors like accent , style, social class, education affect national language.


Australia is declared as a secular country. But majority of population follow Christian. Other religion are Muslims, Buddhist,Jews and some Hindu . The increasing numbers in religious practioners can be seen . There is decline in number of regular church attendance.  People worship and hace sacred locations that hold spritual significance. Immigrats brings diversity in religion as well as othe sectors.


High quality education is right of citizen . The government provide compulsory primary and secondary level education of age six to fifteen. Governmental education sectors are funded by government and provide free cost education. Nongovernmental education system is also increasing which provide better education and employment opporunitie. Non Cathoic christian provide free education to children, they depend on particular requirements. Educational guildlines have been established and provide necessary help which is related to it. The best employment offer is provided by higher education. Different universities are attracting students around the world for higher studied.


The industries productions are ships, aircraft , machinery, chemical and textiles. The service sections include good-producing, agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining , manufacturing , construction. The services provide are industries, communication, business, education and healthy community. Australian trading partners are United states, Japan, China, United Kingdom , etc. Australia is world’s largest exporters of wheat , wool and meat. It imports motor vehicles, petroleum product, telecommunication goods, and so on.


Australia has mainly three social classes, they are; working class , middle class and the upper class. There is uneven distribution of work. Rich people who has their own bussiness are belong to upper class. People who work for other and have some money in return are belong to working class.


Basically Australia has European cooking style with Asian favour and products. People are used to fast food consumption. Burgers and chichen are stored and eaten any time. Large numbers of tea drinkers, coffee and wine. The wine consumption rate is increasing and wine is exported to different countries. Their food includes roast, turkey, ham, and roast vegetables followed by steamed fruit pudding.


Australian has different dressing styles. Dressing determines people living styles and what activities they are doing , like swimming,surfing and beach culture. Clothes are found of different fabrics. People wear long-slxeeved tops or wet suits and sunhats , protect from the sun.


Australian ethanic groups mostly prefer for arranged marriage. After the age of fifteen most people are married. Wedding ceremony is perfer on the base of civil and religious value. Wedding ceremony include food, drink and music . Giving gift to newly married couple is another culture.


Nuclear family practice is increasing. It includes parents and unmarried children. After marriage or having jobs children become independent and live separately . Extended family support and provide security, emotional strength and financial aid.

This is the basic information you need to know before study in Australia.

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