Melbourne Human Rights Scholarship

The Melbourne Human Rights Scholarship program was established and offer by the university of Melbourne. The university of Melbourne is one of the most popular and most oldest university of Australia. It was established on 1853. The University of Melbourne is one of the world leading universities of this century. This university is in 40th position according to academic ranking of world universities. .  This university provide the vibrant range of scholarship program and funding for national and international students in the all most field of course. Among  them the Human rights scholarship is one of the best scholarship program for national and international students. This un Under this scholarship program  the Melbourne university offer the scholarship for those students who are undertaking research in the field of human rights.
The Human Rights Scholarship offered by Melbourne university is for the graduate research degree program in the field of human rights and at the Melbourne university. It means this scholarship is available for those student who wants to undertake research degree at university of Melbourne.
For this scholarship any student from all around the may apply , if she/he is going to undertake graduate research degree in the field of human right at university of Melbourne.
According to the scholarship department of Melbourne university , they offer two scholarship under this program.

Time and Duration of Scholarship

The time and duration of the Melbourne Human Rights scholarship may up to two years for the students of master by research degree. And  for the student undertaking Doctorate by research degree, duration may be up to three years and may extend upto six month.

Benefits of This Scholarship

          This scholarship provide the full tuition fee for two years for those students who is undertaking masters by research degree.
          For those students who is undertaking doctorate by research , this scholarship also include full tuition fee free up to four years.
          This scholarship may also include living expenses up to two years for those students who is undertaking master’s by research degree and for the students of doctoral by research it may include three years of living expense.
          This scholarship may also include relocation cost $2000 for every student who want from outside Victoria and $3000 for those student who wants to move from outside the Australia.

Selection Basis

For this scholarship candidates may be selected on the basis of academic merit and level of commitment to human rights and the strength of supporting documents.
Candidate will be notified via email.

Eligibility for Melbourne Human Rights Scholarship

To achieve the human rights scholarship candidates must meet the following criteria :
          Candidate must either have meet the new admission requirements for master’s or doctorate by research degree at Melbourne university or currently undertaking research degree at University of Melbourne and must have at least one year to complete the course.
          Candidate must have the certificate of voluntary work related to human rights.
          Candidate must not have already completed research qualification at higher level or same level.
          Candidate must not have previously once received scholarship of human rights.


          Candidate must intend to study as the full time student.

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