Research Training Program Scholarship (RTP)

The Australia research training program scholarship is offered by the individual Australian universities. This scholarship scheme is offered on the behalf of the department of education and training , Australia. Every year the departments of education and training provide the funding to Australian universities to offer the scholarships for national and international students undertaking higher degree research programs.
Application and selection process may different for different university and institutions, which may depends upon the terms and conditions of the individual university. Most of the Australian university are participating in this scholarship program but not all universities.
Until 31st December of 2016 this scholarship is known as  international postgraduate research scholarship but  form the first January of 2017 it was replaced by the Research Training Postgraduate Research of program. The Research Training program provides the vibrant grants to supports the undertaking research doctorate and research masters degree for national and international students.

Selection Process

The selection will be on the basis of competitive ranking process. Competitors are ranked or scholarship are provided based on the competitive merit process. Te achieve this scholarship candidates must meet the merit based selection criteria.

Benefits of Research Training Program Scholarship

Under this scholarship there are also sub-branch scholarship program. They may carry different amount and may provide different benefits for recipient .Recipients of this research training program scholarship may achieve  one or more of the following types of benefits from the related university or institutions:
– RTP fee offset
The Research Training Program Scholarship fees offset offer may pay the full tuition fee for the students of higher degree research.
– RTP stipend
The RTP stipend provide the living cost for those students who is undertaking a higher degree by research in Australian university who is participant of RTP.
– RTP Allowances
The RTP allowance  assist the students with ancillary cost. The Research Training Program Scholarship allowance include the relocation cost, printing and academic cost, publication cost and also health cover cost for the recipient of their dependents.

Time and Duration of Research Training program scholarship

In case  of research master, The Research Training Program scholarship is available for maximum period of two years which is available for national and international students enrolled in an accredited HDR course in an Australian HEP.
And in case of research doctoral degree the Research Training program scholarship is available for minimum three years of period and maximum for four years of period.

Eligibility For the Research Training Program Scholarship

The achieve the research training program scholarship the candidates must meet the following criteria:
– The candidate to be eligible for Research Training Program Scholarship fees offset, RTP stipend, RTP allowance he/she may from national or international but she/he must enrolled in an accredited HDR course of study in Australian HEP university.
– The candidates to be eligible for RTP stipend only she/he must not be receiving any income from another source to support the student’s general living cost while undertaking her/his course of study. If and only if the income is greater than 75 % of the student’s RTP stipend rate.
– The candidate to be eligible for a Research Training Program Scholarship fees offset he/she must not be receiving  a scholarship awards or funding from the commonwealth designed to offset HDR fees.

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