Monash International Merit Scholarship


The Monash International Merit Scholarship is offered by the Monash University Australia. Under this scholarship program, Monash university provide the full time study cost for any eligible students who wants to undertake full time undergraduate or postgraduate program offered by the Monash University. The total worth of this scholarship may be above $50,000.
Monash university is one of the top ranked university in the world according to the higher education world university ranking. Monash university provide opportunities to pursue the career as students aspire.
Under this scholarship program the Monash university offers approximately 30 scholarship at one time or every year. Students form all around the are invited for the application and students from strategic priorities for the university will be given preference.

Selection Based

This scholarship is highly beneficial and highly competitive. Students will be selected on the basis of academic merit. For this scholarship, if you are current students then you must have achieved minimum 85%. Applicant will be assessed on scholarship application statements which may determine the potential of students. And also priority will be given to the commencing students at the university.

Benefits Of Scholarship

The recipients of this scholarship will receive the following offers and opportunities :
– The recipient of this scholarship will receive $10,000 for full time load paid per year until the degree are completed.
– If recipient is starting undergraduate degree course then they will be invited to apply for place in Monash Minds.
– Recipient will be asked to participate in relevant Monash marketing and promotional material or events.


To be eligible for Monash international merit scholarship , you must meet the following eligibilities :
– Applicant must be the international students ie. applicant must not be the citizen of Australia as well as must not be the permanent resident of Australia.
– The applicant must either commencing student for full course offers or continuing student must have complete minimum tow semester ( ie one year).
– The applicant must enrolled in full time undergraduate degree or post graduate degree an Monash University Australia.
– If the applicant is commencing students of bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery or medical science then he/she must have complete minimum three semester.
– Student who is undertaking Australian Year 12 will not eligible for this scholarship. These ineligible students may eligible for the Monash international scholarship for excellence.

General Requirements

– The selection of students is based on the merit basis so entrance test will not be taken.
– For this scholarship applicant must meet the general academic and language test proficiency required for the Monash university. For this minimum IELTS score is 6.5 and no less than 6.0 in individual test ( include Reading test, writing test, listening test and speaking test) .

Terms And Conditions

To retain their scholarship , the applicant must be careful about following factors :
– Applicant must maintain a distinction on each semester.
– Applicant must be participate in at least three marketing activities.

How To Apply For Monash International Merit Scholarship

-if you are applying for this scholarship before than you must have receive a offer letter of full course with no conditions.
– For this scholarship you must submit the separate application form for the scholarship without the additional documents before the deadline.
– You must not submit your supporting documents with your application.
– The application form with supporting documents will be not be considered.
For the more information and recent scholarship offers stay in touch with us.

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