Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship For International Students


The Endeavour postgraduate scholarship is the Australian government awards scholarship. Australian higher educational institutions and Australian university offer this scholarship on the funding of Australian Government.
This scholarship is offered to the international students from certain participating country and for those students who are undertaking postgraduate qualification at a Master’s or PhD level either by course or may be research in any field of study.
The main aim of providing Endeavour Postgraduate scholarship to international student is to built Australian reputation for excellence in the provision of the higher study and research. As well as this scholarship program financially supports the international students. Because of this scholarship program many international excellent and high-achieving international students are attracted towards Australia. Australian government provide the outstanding opportunities to these students which increase the productivity and expertise of students in their related field.
Evdeavour Postgraduate scholarship for international students is the competitive and merit based scholarship provided by Australian government. For this scholarship selection will be done on the basis of academic merit and IELTS bands score. For this scholarship your overall IELTS score must be more than 6.5 with no individual band less than 6.0. So , Only few best candidates will receive this scholarship.

Time And Duration of Scholarship

The duration of Endeavour postgraduate scholarship for international students will be two years for masters program and up to four years for a PhD level.

Benefits of this Scholarship

– The recipient of Endeavour postgraduate international scholarship will receive tuition fees paid up to the maximum study duration on pro-rate basis. This tuition fees include amenities fees and students service fees.
– The recipient of Enndeavour scholarship will receive complete travel insurance and also complete health insurance.
– Recipient will get establishment allowance.
– Recipient will receive monthly stipend.
– Total worth of this scholarship will be up ot $140,500 for master degree and for PhD degree total worth will be above $250,000.

Eligibilities :

Te be the eligible for Endeavour postgraduate international scholarship applicant must meet the following criteria :
– Applicant should have the certificate of IELTS with overall score 6.5 no individual band score less then 6.0.
– Applicant should be aged equal to eighteen years old or above at the commencement date.
– Applicant should submit all the supporting documents before the deadline.
– Applicant should not currently hold any Australian Government sponsored scholarship or fellowships.
– Applicant should submit all the requirements for the admission at related University or educational institutions. Some of the college admission requirements are :

College Entry Requirements:

– certificate of previous study level with required minimum score , marks or points.
– Transcript of all previous study level.
– Certificate of language proficiency.
– Clearance report from police.
– Health report from recognized hospital.
No entrance test will be taken for this scholarship. Students will be choose on the basis of previous academic performance.

How To Apply

for this scholarship you need to submit the online form with all supporting documents , using Endeavour online application form system.
Insufficient and fake documents will cause rejection.
Once you submit the application from, there is no another chance to submit other additional documents. So at the time of documents submission you need to be careful. And you must submit your all required documents at one time.

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