ANU International Scholarship


 The ANU ( Australian National University ) international scholarship program is offered by an Australian National University. Under this scholarship program there are number of scholarship are available each year. Recipient of this scholarship will are full free paying students known as the ANU international scholarship. This scholarship is very beneficial , it may covers 100% of the recipient’s university tuition fee cost each year . so this is highly competitive awards. This scholarship award only goes to those students who have achieved an excellence certificate in their final years of schooling before applying for tertiary studies for first time. To be the recipient of this scholarship, applicant must enrol and remain enrolled in a full-time load during the tenure of the scholarship. After being the recipient of the scholarship if , he/she wish to transfer to another program then, recipient must submit the written request for the scholarship section.

Selection for Scholarship

– This scholarship is offered by the chair of the university Awards on the recommendation of student Administration.
– This scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit.
– Scholarship also may awarded based with consideration given to the applicant’s country.
– Competition will be depends on program and faculty.
– If there is no applicant who sufficiently meets the eligibilities criteria then the scholarship will not be awarded.
– Priority will be given for those students who have higher score in IELTS language proficiency test.

Time And Duration of Scholarship

The recipient of this scholarship will offered the scholarship for the minimum full-time duration of any undergraduate or combined programs. If the recipient of the scholarship wants to extension of scholarship then it may be extend for the students who enrolled in ANU vertical degrees beyond the undergraduate component of program.

Benefits Of Scholarship

The recipient of this scholarship will awarded the following offers :
– The recipient of this scholarship will receive approximately $27,000 per annum tax free.
– Recipient may receive fortnightly payment.
– Recipient of this scholarship will offered the travel allowance.
– Recipient will receive the thesis allowance.

Eligibilities , Terms And Conditions

To be the eligible for this scholarship , the applicant must meet the following criteria:
– The applicant of this scholarship must be defined as an overseas students under the terms of the education services of overseas students act 2000.
– The recipient of this scholarship must not has commenced any further study after completing secondary level study.
– Applicant must demonstrate the excellent result in their previous study level or secondary studies qualification.
– The recipient must have received an offer letter for the admission to the university by Australian national university.
– Scholarship holder must maintain a distinction ( 70%) average in each semester. If recipient of scholarship is unable to maintain distinction the they will sent a formal warning.
– If scholarship holder can not meet the distinction average in subsequent semester , then scholarship will be terminated or suspended.
– University also may terminated the scholarship if recipient can not fulfill his/her obligations.

How To Apply

For this scholarship you need not to submit individual application for the scholarship. Application for the new admission will be automatically considered.
During applying for new admission applicant must submit all necessary relevant supporting documents with the application.
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