ADB-JSP for developing Countries In Asia and Pacific

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The ADB-JSP for Developing Countries In Asian And Pacific is Hosted by ADB ( Asian Development Bank) . Government of Japan pleased to award ADB for this the students who wish to undertake postgraduate studies. It means this scholarship program was established with the financial support of the Government of Japan. And it was established in 1988. This ADB-JSP offers approximately 150 scholarship for the postgraduate candidates for who wish to undertake degree in economics, management, science and technology and many other development-related academic field. Many international academic institutions of Asia and Pacific region are participating at this program.
The main aim of this scholarship is to provide the an excellent facilities and opportunities for the production of well-qualified citizen of ADB’s developing members countries.
This scholarship is awarded to those students who have strong and excellence certificate of bachelor’s degree or its equivalent level. And if the applicant is from outside the home country they will need to demonstrate the certificate of engilsh language proficiency.
This scholarship award can be taken at participating academic institutions in the Asian and Pacific region as your choice.

Benefits of Scholarship

The recipients of this ADB-JSP scholarship will received the following benefits:
– The recipient of this scholarship will awarded the full tuition fee.
– The recipient will offered the monthly subsistence and housing allowance.
– The recipient will paid for the extra expenses for academic materials.
– Recipient will receive the balance for books and instructional materials.
– Recipient will offered the health insurance.
– Recipient will receive the travel expenses.
– Special grants will be available for those students who engaged in thesis preparation.

Eligibilities for Scholarships

To be eligible for the ADB-JSP scholarship applicant must meet the following eligibilities criteria:
– Applicant must be form the country that is the borrowing member of ADB.
– Applicant must complete the bachelor’s degree or equivalent with excellence academic record.
– Applicant must have minimum two years of professional working experience before the time of scholarship commencement.
– Applicant must have the proficiency in communication skill in English language to be able to pursue studies.
– Applicant must not be older than 35 years at the time of application.
– The applicant must agree to return to their home country after completing studies.
– To be eligible for this scholarship applicant must not be the staff of any academic institution.
– If applicant is currently living or working in international country will not be eligibl.
– The applicant must not already enrolled in graduate degree programs.
Supporting Documents
– Required documents and forms for the new admission to the chosen academic institutions or university .
– ADB-JSP information sheet form.
– All academic certificate whatever you have achieved.
– Certificate of work experience.
– Certificate of language proficiency.

How To Apply

if you meet all the requirements, eligibilities criteria and really interested to this scholarship then you may apply through the following guidelines :
– for this scholarship you need to find the academic institutions and universities participating ADB-JSP scholarship programs.
– Then complete the admission form to that institutions with all required supporting relevant documents including the ADB-JSP information sheet form and submit to chosen academic institutions.
– After that no separate scholarship application form will necessary.
For the more information about international scholarship and recent notice about scholarship stay in touch with us.

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