Scope of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) In Nepal

describing about scope of bba

Introduction of BBA:

The Bachelor of Business Administration popularly knows as BBA. Due to the very good scope of BBA  in Nepal, it becomes one of the most popular courses at the graduate level. It covers different areas like economics, organizational operations, marketing, finance, etc. BBA is a popular course that helps to develop the intellectual ability, management, and leadership skills of the students to prepare them for real-world business administration roles, entrepreneurship and organizational operations in the face of challenges and innovation. This is a four years course (8 semesters) to make the student aware of all the aspects of the business. Economics, financial marketing, accounting, business law, human resource management, management information systems, organizational behaviors are the few of the core subjects in BBA.

Scope Of BBA

At present, Continuously improvement in the course by the integration of training, case study, industrial visits, experience sharing, and internships BBA in Nepal is one of the most popular degrees. BBA program helps to open up the student’s future with various job opportunities in various sectors like banking, real estate management, business consultancies, marketing, finance management, projects, IT firms, governmental offices and so on. We can still get a decent job as BBA Graduate but you will need soft skills and technical skills at least a basic level to complement. Getting a job as a fresher is tougher. Nepotism pretty much dominates these sectors. Bank jobs are toughest, for example – you will be competing with 1500 (at least) for the vacancy of 50-100. There will be a written exam, group discussion, interview, etc.
After successful completion of BBA, some of the esteemed job you can attain which are:

  • Marketing manager
  •  Finance manager
  • Business administration Researcher
  • Human resources manager
  • Research and Development manager
  •  Business consultant
  •  Information systems manager
  • Project manager

Other some of the best areas where a BBA Graduate can apply for employment may be:

  • Business consultancy
  • Banks
  • Marketing organizations
  • Educational institutes
  • Multinational company
  • Financial organization
  • Export companies

Private sector Jobs after BBA

There are many private sector companies, where you will have to deal with everyday market challenges with your quick problem solving and decision-making skills. Some of the company or industrial sectors where BBA or MBA graduate can work are as follows:

  • Banking
  • Consultancy
  •  Digital marketing
  • Finance
  • Information technology
  • Insurance
  • Media
  • Offline marketing
  • Manufacturing

Government sectors jobs after BBA

Nepal government-run accountancy and financial institutions are always in a lookout for young BBA graduates. If you are a BBA graduate who is good at analyzing key issues, planning and managing resources and data crunching, then you will have a bright future in government sectors job. Some of the examples of scope of BBA in  nepal government jobs are as follows:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Marketing assistant
  •  Project account assistant

Top course after BBA

There are many options in terms of courses that you can choose after BBA. Depending upon your area of interest, skill, interest, and attitude.

The course of BBA is multidisciplinary in nature and there are many possible career options, whether in private business sectors or in the government or public sectors. The program of BBA is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in business as well as developing their ability to work effectively in a group in a disciplined and structured environment. It also develops sound knowledge in specific disciplines such as presentation, project management, meeting deadlines, problem-solving and decision making.

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