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What is the TOEFL ?

The TOEFL is the test which measure your ability to understanding English language and how you use the English at university level. As well as it evaluate how well you combine your reading, writing , listening and speaking skill to perform academic tasks. From all around the world more than 30 million people have taken the TOEFL test to to determine their English language proficiency. The TOEFL test is scored on a scale of 0 to 120 points.

Who Takes the TOEFL?

– Student who is planning to go abroad (in english speaking country) for their higher study .
-Who want to increase english language proficiency.
-Student who is candidates of scholarship in abroad university.
– Who is applying for student and working visa in abroad.
TOEFL is the most popular and common language proficiency test. It is accept by more than ten thousands colleges, agencies and many other educational institutions in over the more 130 countries from all around the world. Full marks of this test is 120 , if you get lower marks in one test then you may retake the test as many times as your wish, but you con not take this exam mare than once in a 12 day period.

Format of TOEFL test

There are two way of taking such test they are internet based test exam and paper based text exam.
Internet Based text
This test takes four hours of time and it consist of four sections, each of them measure one of the basic language skill and also all tasks focus on language which is used in an academic environment. The four section of TOEFL test are :

1. Reading Test

In such reading test there are question on three to five passage, each of approximately more than seven hundred in length. There may twelve to fourteen question on every passage. You may have one hour to eighty minutes of time to solve them. These passage may consist of academic topics, they may from the undergraduate level university test books. You should understand the main idea of the passage and need to answered on details, inferences, essential information, sentence insertion, vocabulary, rhetorical purpose and overall ideas.

2. Writing Test

This writing test section measure ability of students to write in an academic field or setting in english language and which is consist of two tasks. Among them one is integrated and another is independent. In the integrated task the student need to read the passage related with academic topic and listen to the speakers discuss carefully , then you need to write the important points as summary. You need to write the main idea or main key of summary from reading passage and from listening passage you need to explain how the main topic and key the discussing topic. And in the independent task, you need to write the essay which can explain your opinion and then explain it. This is the test of time of 50 minutes.

3.Speaking Test

The speaking test consist of six tasks. Among them two are independent and four are integrated. In the case of two independent tasks , here you need to answer opinion question on familiar topics, which may evaluated your ability spontaneously and convey your ideas clearly. In two of the integrated tasks you need to listen to an academic course lecture or a conversion about college life and answer the question by combining appropriate information from the text and talk. And In other two remaining integrated tasks , you need listen to an lecture and then you need respond about what they heard from you. They will give you short time for preparation time before they have to begin speaking. This may take time 15 to 20 minutes.


The listening test consist of questions on six passage, each of three to five minutes in length. These passage consist of two students conversations or discussion and four academic lecture or discussion. Each conversation and lecture passage is heard only once. Each and every conversation are associated with five question and each lecture with six. These question are meant to measure the ability to understand main ideas, important details, implications, relationships between ideas, organization of information and speakers attitude. This test consist of six to nine passages and each and each of containing five to six questions. This is the test of time one hour to 90 minutes.
Each of the above test carry 30 marks out of 120. The listening and reading test are taken first before the ten minutes of brake. And the speaking and writing are taken after the break. Approximately 250 minutes of times is allowed to complete the whole exam process.
Equating IelTS score with TOEFL score:
IELTS description IELTS score TOEFL score
Experts User 9 118- 120
Very Good User 8.5 117-115
Very Good User 8 114-110
Good User 7.5 109-102
Good User 7 101-94
Competent User 6.5 93-79
Competent User 6 78-60
Modest User 5.5 59-42
Modest User 5 41-35
Limited User 4.5 34-32
Extremely Limited User Below 4 31-0

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