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Information technology courses like Bachelors in Information Technology, BSc. IT, Bachelors of Engineering – IT, etc. are good choices to join IT Industry. Scope of IT has expanded to several other industries that were not related to IT just a few years ago.

Introduction to Information Technology

The term Information Technology the business term which deals with computer system and networking. Computer system means storing data, reading data , manipulating data, transferring, transforming data etc etc. And networking means connecting the people it may be on organization or it may be on server. Network preform to receive the data or distribute or show the data.
Many people have concept that Information Technology is only related with software and networking but it is mainly depends on hardware also. I mean receiving email only is not the IT , the all participating factor ( including computer full hardware , software in that computer, internet server) all are information technology.
In summarized form we can define the term IT (Information Technology) as : using of computer and computing machine for storing the data, for the networking , to process the data , to secure the data, transfer and electric data into all forms of data.

Scope of IT (Careers in Information Technology)

It is real that, career in IT is one of the most highly paying jobs with full opportunities. There are highly paying job are easily available in domestic and international companies after graduation. Evaluating the talent of employee , his/her creativity , aspiring mind , the salary may varies. To get job in IT company you should have the skills. Skill is main thing. Your skill determine and control your income or earning.

If you graduate but don’t have skill then no job will you find. Or if you have skill and knowledge then your starting salary will be minimum 40-60 thousand per month. Also If you are expert in any one of IT field then international IT company easily hire you. Scope of IT is mainly depends on the capacity and potential of the person.

Nowadays number of enrolled students and graduate students form Information Technology ( computer engineering , software engineering, engineering in Information Technology,, bachelor’s in Information technology etc ) are much greater than other field of study. So it become competitive field to find jobs. IT colleges produced unskillful students , thus many graduate Students from IT filed become unemployed.
But a skillful IT graduate may find the job in or may work in different types of companies and industry like software company, financial institutions or banks, medical and health organization, corporate organizations etc. So nowadays every field of business, medicine, organization, companies academic institutions there is vibrant scope of IT.

Career Opportunities for IT Graduates

Scope of IT for A skillful IT graduate will have following option of path career:

1. IT Graduates as Software Developers

Software Developer means person who develop the software. Software developers are responsible for developing the computer software or system. Every company has different computer system. These all the system are developed by IT engineers. Software developers should have enough knowledge or skill as well as he should be creative , and he should have problem solving skill and analytical skills. Software developers may choose VB.NET, Visual Basic, Java as development platforms. If you become a skillful software developers globally recognized many international company offer you providing vibrant opportunities. As well as Our country is developing country so here is also large demands of software developers.

2. IT Graduates as Web Developers

Web Developers means person who develop the website and web applications. Their working field is fully web related. The work of web developers in mainly related with the function of website and web application. To become web developers or to work in web you must have programming language skill one of the following : PHP, ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, Peri, Rails or Rubi. Web developers easily can find the jobs in domestic software companies. If you have plan to work in domestic software company as well as wish to establish software company you may learn one of the above programming language.

3. IT Graduates as Web Designer

Web Designer means person who designed the website. Website design means built the front end of website. To design beautiful website you should have good skill on photoshop, fireworks, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery etc. website designer should have creative ideas to make beautiful and attractive ideas.
In the better combination of web designer and web developers , a best website is formed. If you have better knowledge about web design and web developing you will easily find highly paid jobs with many opportunities.

4. IT Graduates as Game Developers

Game Developers means person who develop/make/build the game. It may be computer game or mobile game. Fro the development of game you should have enough knowledge and skill about minimum one programming language it may C, C++, Java, Python or any other programming language. In this time game developing companies are highly growing. To become successful game developer you should have enough knowledge about games and games rules. You should have ideas about game and sports. If you are good player and you have good knowledge about programming language then obviously you can develop outstanding game.

5. IT Graduates as Graphic Designers

Graphic Designer is that person who designs two dimensional or three dimensional graphics using various software. If you have better knowledge or skill about designing , many national and international companies offer you with high cost.

6. IT Graduates as Database Administrators (DBA)

Database refers to the place where all data are stored and access. A good organization or company should have a good database administrator for the progression of business. Thus a good designer is the evergreen importance of any company. A good database administrators is need to develop website and web applications. The database administrators should have good knowledge about SQL. Nowadays most of the database designer used MySQL, Oracle, MsSQL database system.

7. IT Graduates as System Analysts

They are responsible for performing the feasibility of system. They Analise the problem to develop the required software or system to solve the problem. System Analyst helps the programmers during the developments of system or software.
These are the main future career of graduates of IT. Except these there are many other attractive and interesting working fields.

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