Top Scholarships for Nepali Students

In the context of Nepal and many other developing country , it become the trend that every students go abroad or apply abroad for higher study. Developed countries like United State of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan ,Korea, Portugal, Switzerland, and many other European countries government and universities of these countries provide the scholarships for international students from developing countries.  There are many scholarships programs in every sector like science and technology, medicine science , business and accounting , education and arts, social science and many more. Today we are going to discuss about mast important scholarship programs for Nepali students. There are many scholarship program, you can choose one of the best for you and apply for that.

1. Scholarship At University of Edinburgh In UK for Surgical Science

The university of Edinburgh offers many scholarship in surgical sciences for masters program every year. The main aim of this university to provide scholarships for international students is to attach the best and most motivated students to this university. This scholarships have the value of £1000 and this is deduced from the tuition fee. This scholarship can get only that student who is accepted for the admission on a full time basis for the master’s degree program.  For this scholarship every student should prove that they can speak, understand , read and write english fluently. For this scholarship you can direct apply through the online. For this scholarship you need to submit the form before the starting of march.

2. Scholarship in Netherlands ( World Citizen Talent Scholarship for Non-EEA Students)

This is the scholarship provided by Hauge University of Netherlands. This university provide scholarships for 54 students at a time.This university offers such scholarships for non-EEA students every year. International students of bachelor level and out side the European union and also not from Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are eligible to apply for the World Citizen Talent Scholarship. This scholarship is available for all course which are taught in Hauge University but this is only for bachelor degree level. For this scholarship your previous academic performance should be better and you need to have better result certificate of language proficiency. You can apply though online and you need to submit the online form before the end of march.

3. Scholarship In Australia ( Curtin International Merit Scholarship)

This is the scholarship offering by the Curtin University of Australia. This scholarship is for the students who are from the faculty of Health science , Engineering and Science, Humanities. This scholarship is only for international students. Under this scholarship university offer the eligible students 25% of their first year tuition fee and up to maximum of AUD $ 10,000. for this scholarship you need to contact the university on January and need to submit the form before the second week first week of February.

4. Scholarship In USA and Canada ( MMMF Grand Fro Women of Developing Countries)

This scholarship is provided by Margaret McMamare Memorial Fund in the institutions and university of USA and Canada. For this scholarship only women can apply. All must all subject and course are available but only in degree program under this scholarship. But this scholarship is provided to students for only one time. For this scholarship you can apply through the online and you need to apply befere the second week of January.

5. Scholarship In UK on Oxford University ( Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld Scholarship and Leadership Program in UK)

This is the scholarship provided by Louis Dreyfus Foundation and university of Oxford. This scholarship is available for pursing full time graduate degree at the Oxford university and for all most all subject under the . This scholarship is only for international students and the students who are currently studying on university of Oxford they can not apply for this scholarship. They provide scholarship for sixteen students from developing country. Under this scholarship they offer 100% of university and college fees and grant for living cost of full duration. For this scholarship you need to be in contact with the scholarship section of Oxford university and need to apply when to scholarship notice is published. For this scholarship you need to apply before the second week of February.

6. Scholarship In Korea ( Korean Government Scholarship Program)

This scholarship is provided by the government of Korea. They provide scholarship for international students with opportunity to study at higher educational institutions in Korea. Students with certified score on proficiency in Korean or in English language might be preference. This scholarship is available for pursuing undergraduate program in the higher educational institutions or universities of Korea. Selected students must choose their desire fields of course from the listed course of university.  Under this scholarship they offer all most all cost for studying duration including airfare. For this scholarship students must passed the previous level study with at least 80 %.  To apply for this scholarship you need to submit your required documents and application to the appropriate Korean Embassy before the October of every year.

This much only is not all scholarship program. There are many other scholarship programs available which are offered by national government , university and many other fonds. So for the more information stay in contact with us.

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