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Do you want to create your own website ? And looking for the best guide ? Then you are in best place because this is made for the beginners. In this guide I described in very detail. This guide is very easy to follow even if you are not very technical. Also I update this guide every month whereas other guides may be misleading or outdated. Here you will learn to set up your website on the WordPress specific platform. After reading this guide, if you still have confusion then you can ask for help. I offer free helps for my clients via email. In this guide I will teach you how to create website and earn money,  describing quick three steps. Now Start….

1. Select The Right Platform

Before building a good, functional and mobile friendly website quickly, you need to choose o good platform. This platform also known as content management system.

Introduction To Content Management System

When I got started with blogging or web development, most of the websites were built in CSS, HTML and even flash. These ideas took huge time and effort to learn and were tricky to master. Because of that reason most of the people still think building website required lot of coding and design skill and is very difficult but in 2018 that’s no longer true. Because WordPress, wix have made creating a website as a content management system (CMS) accessible to everyone.

Most Popular Website Building Platforms

According to the W3Techs, WordPress become the most popular content management system followed by Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Shopify and blogger.

Why WordPress Become Most Popular Content Management System
Comparison Between WordPress and Joomla/Drupal

Joomla works great for online stores and is similar to WordPress, you may need at least little bit of programming (coding ) to make it work as your choice. Similarly, Drupal is also a very powerful content management platform and is popular with the experienced coders and web developers. Drupal comes with large step learning curve which make it a uncomfortable choice for beginners.

Comparison Between WordPress and HTML and CSS

It will take more than six months to learn HTML, yet along CSS and PHP. Having basic knowledge about HTML, CSS or PHP may help you to create good website but if you want to create a website within one day, HTML is not a better option. You can built site with HTML and CSS but it require more time and effort.

Comparison Between WordPress And Website Builders

Website Builders are best platform for the one page websites but not for more pages website. Websites builders are often very limited and more expensive than WordPress.

Thus WordPress is the better option and easiest platform for the beginners. WordPress is flexible enough to suit everyone from bloggers, freelancers to creative artists and small business owners.

Step 2: Choose A Domain and Buy the Web Hosting

In order to get set up your websites, you will need two things :

A domain name ( a web address like )

Hosting ( a service which connect our websites to the Internet)

As we know the wordpress is a free platform to create website but you need to pay for the hosting and domain name, which cost you around $3 -$5 per month. However the cost of domain and hosting is equal to an Ice-cream. You may use someone else’s domain ( like but registering your own domain name looks more professional also it’s super affordable too.

Similarly having your own hosting can make sure your website load quickly and avoid go down for hours at a time. This is very important for your regular visitors and help to improve your website reputation.

Option for Free Domain ad Hosting may be the best option for the web hosting and domain registrar and also I have mostly used it.

Its worth checking them out because they have good customer service, really affordable and they are currently offering in a domain name for free. As well as when you register your domain name you will also get a personal email accounts. ( like is the professional way than generic gmail address and yahoo address).

If you already have a hosting and domain name then you can skip ahead to step 3, where I explained how can you set up your site.

Step 1 : Go To

Tab will open and looks like :

create website with bluehost

Step 2: Choose The Hosting Plan for your website

Once you click on get started now then you will be directed towards a page to select the hosting plans offered by Bluehost.

Go ahead and select the basic option because you are beginner and “basic” option is great choice for new website. Additionally at this moment they offering special discount of $2.75/month ( usually it’s $7.99/month)

blue host plan to help you to cerate website

Step 3 : Choose the Domain Name
Tips for picking domain name :

If you are creating your website for your company or business then your domain name should match with your company name.

Or if you are making your website for yourself then may be the great choice.

For this site ( information technology related information) I choose

If you already register domain name for your website then just enter it in and click next on the I have a domain name button.

Or if you are not ready to choose a domain name right now, you can do it at later point in your website setup.

Domain to create website with blue host


Step 4: Fill In Your Details

You need to enter in your personal information on the ‘create your account page’ to create your account.

Here you need to fill your first name, last name, country, city, street address, zip code, email address and phone number. Then your receipt will be sent to that email address which you have entered here.

There is also business form for your company but it is optional.

Then enter in your payment information to continue the further process.

Account informatino form to register domain

Step 5: Choose your Package and Finish registration

This is the last step you need to perform before your account creation is complete. So please pay deep attention to the extra option available domain privacy protection to make your site secure.

Domain Privacy Protection keeps your personal information under wraps such as your address and name. Its charge is only $0.99 more per month.

If you want to keep your domain information and website anonymous, go ahead and invest extra $0.99 per month.

Package information

Step 6 : Create Your Password

Once, payment is completed, you will be able to create your password.

Step 3 : Set up and Customize your Website

Once you have brought a domain and set up hosting, you are ready for further processes. Now its time to getting your site up and running your website. For that, the first thing you need to do is install wordpress in your domain.

There are two possible ways to install wordpress to your domain.

1. Use one click installation to create a website with WrodPress

Almost every popular and well-established hosting company offers 1 click installation for wordpress. Which makes getting going a snap.

If you signed up with previously discussed bluehost or any other similar hosting company, you can find one click installation in your account control panel.

Here I discussed the steps you need to follow  for one click installation:

  •  Log in into your hosting Account.
  •  Go to the control panel.
  •  Find the website icon or wordpress.
  •  Choose the domain where you want to install your website.
  •  Click on the “start now” button and you will get access to your new site on wordpress.
Option 2 : Manual Install

      If your hosting provider don’t provide one click install for wordpress then you need to install wordpress manually. For this check the step by step manual guide below:

1. Download wordpress from here.

2. Then create a new folder on your desktop and unzip recently downloaded wordpress in it.

3. find the file, named as wp-config-sample.php and rename it to : wp-config.php

4. Now open that wp-config.php (with atom, notepad for example) and fill the following lines :

– define (‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_here’); – Database name ( if you don’t know the database name , ask this from your hosting supports).

-Define (‘DB-User’, username_here’), your hosting username.

-Define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password_here’); – you hosting password.

Then save the file.

5. Now its time to log into your hosting ftp. The FTP address is usually, and the user name and password are same as you used to register in your hosting.

6. If you find any files named “index” , delete it. Then upload all the files from your wordpress folder to your ftp server.

7. As soon as your previous steps are completed, go the URL:

Then you will see a form there. Fill that form including your site name, username, password, and email. Now you are ready.

Choose the Theme In WordPress for your Website

Once you have successfully installed wordpress to your domain name, now you need to in install the beautiful theme. You may not want to want to looks like other, that’s why you need to choose a unique theme. Choose a template that can tell wordpress how your site is look like. See some sample version below:

There are tons of awesome, professionally designed theme available in wordpress. From there you can select and customize for site that’s all your own.

WordPress Themes

Steps to find theme you like and customize:
1. Log into WordPress dashboard

To log in your wordpress dashboard, type : https://yourdomain/wp-admin. Then your WordPress dashboard looks like:

wordPress log in sample

2. Find the free theme

Once you are logged in the dashboard, you will find thousands of free themes. For that, look at the side bar for ‘Appearance’ and click on ‘Themes’.

In this step I want to suggest you to spend some time to browse the free themes. Many of them are really really awesome and professional, so search for them.

Thus, installing theme for your website as your choice is very easy. If you want to find the theme that suit your style, then you can search for special keywords or use filters. During choosing theme you should concern either that theme is responsive or not. “Responsive is the property of theme, that make your site view good on any mobile devices. So just type responsive keyword to browse such themes.

3. Install New Theme

Once you have found the theme as your choice, then installing that theme is very simple : click on install followed by ‘Active’.

NOTE : Installing theme does not affect your previous posts, pages and content. Thus, you can change themes as your choice with out having any worry about lose what you have created in your website.

How to Create Pages and add content in my new website?

Once your new theme installed, you are ready to start creating pages and content. Lets learn through some of the basics steps :

New page Demo in Website

Creating pages

1. Find the ‘Pages’ along the sidebar in the WordPress Dashboard and click on it followed by ‘Add New’.

2. Once you have clicked on ‘Add New’ , you will find the screen looks like :

Steps to add Pages to Menu

If you have created the pages and want these pages to linked to in your navigation bar, then follow the steps :

1. Click on ‘Update’ to save any changes you have made on your pages.

2. Then, Click on ‘Appearance’ followed by ‘Menus’ in the sidebar of your WordPress Dashboard.

3. Choose the pages you want to show as menus and add it to the list by clicking the check box followed by ‘Add to Menu’ then click on ‘Save Menu’.

Adding menus demo

Create New Posts

If blogging is the aim of your website building, posts is where you turn to next. You can categorize your posts according to their topics and content.

Or if you want to create a blog on your site, you can use different posts and can categorize them. You can add new category by going to ‘Posts Categories’.

To add new post, find ‘Posts’ on side of your wordpress Dashboard, click on it and then click on ‘Add New’.

Add Your Site Title and Tagline

Your site title explain to visitors what your site is about. Also site title is a big part of how search engine determine your Google site ranking. You should choose unique site title so that your your visitors can easily can remember your site next time.

Similarly, taglines are added at the end of your site title. This also describe, what is your site about.

Front Page Setting

I have found that, many people have problem that their home page looks like a blog post or news sites. If you also have such problem then you can fix it by creating your static front page.

The page which does not change is called static page. You can see that in my site, new articles will show up at the top every time. Where as static page show your visitor same content every time whenever they visit your site.

To Make Static Home Page

1. Go to ‘Setting’ and click on ‘Reading’.

2. Select the static page that you want to show as front page. Similarly ‘Post page’ is the front page of your blog.

As default your latest posts are shown as front pages.

Introduction to Plugin

The extensions which are built to expand wordpress’s capabilities, functions and features to your site which is not come in wordpress package is called the plugins. Plugins helps you to do every functions like adding photos, submission forms, optimization. Plugins you to do everything in wordpress.

How to Install Plugins in My WordPress

To install plugins go to ‘Plugins’ and click on ‘Add New’ and search for required plugin.

This is the basic information about how to create website. For more information about most essential plugins, best themes, search engine optimization and much more, check our guide.

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