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career in information technology

General Information About Information Technology

The term Information Technology is commonly or shortened as IT. Course which is taught in school for anything related computer and computer science, refers computer science courses. Nowadays study cost of information technology is increasing continuously because IT workers are highly paid in market. Career in information technology become one of the most popular and best career opportunity in this century. Information Technology (IT) is essential for every field of business and IT workers are spreading in all business field and all companies because Information Technology ( IT) cover the vibrant range of jobs role, IT workers have different different career path. I think before choosing career path, it is good idea to explore the differences in career path Such as :

  • Computer Support Specialist
  •  Programmers
  • Computing System Analysts
  • Computer And Information Technology Managers
  • Database Administrators
  • Information Security Analysts
  • Web Developers
  • Computer Network Architects
  • Network And Computer System Administrators

If you choose career in information technology (IT), then you need to take a deep look at the qualities and qualification that are most essential in IT career. As we know, jobs in information technology are highly paid and highly competitive as well. Before entering in IT career you must determine what is your interest and goals, determine what level of education you need for the IT Career. So 10 Best Career in Information Technology can be listed as below according to the popularity and salary.

1. Career in Information Technology as Computer Programmers

The IT worker who write and test the code that allow computer or computer software or computer program to do special function is called computer programmer. Computer programmers test the newly built computer software or program ensure they either they produce the expected result or not. If that computer program is not working correctly then programmers the the code to find mistake and fix them.

Duties Of Computer Programmers

  • Writing code in different types of Programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python etc.
  • Expand and update the existing programs according to user expectations and user requirements.
  • Test the software to find the errors as well as fin them to give expected result.
  • Create the code in an Integrated development environment.
  • Use Code libraries.

2. Career in IT as Computer Support Specialists

Computer Support Specialist need to work with vibrant range of information technology filed including working with developers, analysts, end – user, administrator and need have ideas to solve all types of information technology needs. Also they need to work with non IT field like communication building, taking user review, making product using platform and many more.

  • Typical Duties of Computer Support Specialist
  • Troubleshoot systems3
  • Watch over existing network systems3
  • Actively listen to user as they described their computer issues
  • Conduct required maintenance on networks
  • Evaluate and record issues customers hove
  • Install software and maintain computer equipment and related devices
  • Explain Step-by-step solution to the user
  • Assist Users with New Computer hardware or software
  • Academic Requirements for Career in Information Technology as computer support specialist

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The academic requirements may vary to entry as computer support specialist. An associated degree or postsecondary certification is always need but sometimes a bachelor’s degree is required. For less technical roles such as a help desk some associated degree or post secondary education is important combination with excess knowledge of Information Technology as well as customers supports skills. But for more technical job roles a degree in computer science, degree in information technology, degree in computer and software engineering is preferred.

Important Qualities for Computer Support Specialists

  • Customers service skills
  • Speaking Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Listening skills

3. Career In IT as Computer System Analysts

Computer System Analysts also called system architects, they move business and information technology parallel. For the career in information technology as computer system analysts you need to study an organization current computer system and procedures as well as design the best solution to help the organization operate more effectively and efficiently.

Duties of Computer system analysts

  • Consult with the CEO or manager of organization to determine the role of information technology system in organization.
  • Research, find and emerging best technology in organization and additionally evaluate its efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Preparing an analysis of benefits and cost and also determine that the system is profitable for organization or not?
  • Doing test and ensure that the system works as expected or not.

Also, the typical entry level academic requirements for this bachelor degree and the pay for this post is approximately $40 per hour.

4. IT Manager ( Information Technology Manager)

IT manager also commonly called IT manager or IT project manager or Computer information technology manager, as well as they plan for the project and co-ordinate the direct computer related activities in an organizations. They determine the required goals of an organization in the field of information technology and also responsible for implementing that system to meet organization’s goals.

Duties of IT managers

  • Analyze the organization’s computer system needs and recommend for the best system to install.
  • Direct to installation and maintenance of suitable computer software and hardware.
  • Ensure the electronics documents and security of an organization’s network.
  • To be eligible for this post.

at least bachelor degree certificate, and minimum five years of experience in a related occupation is need. The approximate income of IT manager may be around $65 per hour.

5. Career in Information Technology as Database Administrators

IT workers who use specialized software to store the data of organization such as customers shipping records and financial information as well as provide the security to that data. Database administrators make sure that the stored data are secure from unauthorized access but available for their users.

Duties of Database Administrators

  • Make sure that organizational data are secure.
  • Prevent data loss, Back up and restore.
  • Create the required database.
  • Make sure that the database is operating efficiently.
  • Update old database two new database.

Minimum Academic Requirements : Bachelor degree in Information Technology or computer related subjects.

Average Income per hour : $40 Approximately

6. Career In IT as IT Professionals

There are mainly three types of IT professionals Information Security analysts, web developers and computer network architects, which are most important to move an organization towards its business goals. Web developers work for the look and feel of an organization to others. Similarly, Security analysts work to keep information safe and keep secure from cyber attacks. Similarly Network architects are working for creating internal networks that all employees of the organization use.

Requirements : Minimum bachelor degree in information technology or computer science related subjects and it is also necessary to knowing different programming languages.

7. Career In Information Technology as Network And Computer System Administrators

Computer network are the most important and sensitive part of all organizations. So the Network and computer system administrators must be careful and intelligent. As well as they will responsible for the daily operation on computer networks. Also  they need to build and install organization’s software and hardware system including wide area networks, local area networks, network segments, intranets and other communication system of organizations.

Duties of Network and computer systems administrators

  • Determine the needed system for organization and install required hardware and software.
  • Make needed repair and upgrades of network system.
  • Evaluate the system network performance.
  • Maintain network system security.

Necessary Qualities To make successful Career in Information Technology

Thus, career in information technology is one of the best career option. But to be successful in information technology field you have to develop some important skills and qualities. In fact, you may developed these qualities by real experiences, by taking online courses. Some of the most important qualities are :

  • Organized
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving Technique
  • Follow and Implement a plan
  • Ability to focus for a long period of time
  • Strong analytical skills

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